Oh Hiiiiiiii!!

It may not feel to you like I have been gone, but I have been! And now I am back, well ishy…am I tho…?

There are a heck of a lot of things I could go on about and want to go on about but instead I am going to go on about….

The jacket I bought for myself today.

Holla holla if you are like me and are NOT a mad shopping consumer.

I used to be. Like let’s hit up the mall stores and do that thing called shopping.

In fact back in the day I used to grab a little Malibu and add it to my pina colada Orange Julius! Ya feel me!

However times have changed and I am now puzzled by the ladies on the HGTV shows that apparently need a massive walk in closet for all the jeans and t-shirts they wear?

Who needs all those clothes? Who wears all the clothes?

Not to mention you can recycle all you want but your clothing consumption will put all that work to waste in a short time as it is one of the biggest waste producers in the world!

However, I bought a jacket. A brand new, not even on sale jacket. It feels like a big deal. But also my birthday is soon so I can justify it that way too, for myself. An early birthday present for myself!

Here’s the main thing tho, I have been manifesting this jacket for years now.

There have been numerous times I have gone online to see what is out there in the style and jacket I was looking for…howeves I am not an online shopping lover so I never took the plunge.

Since the ‘demic, every now and then I go online, to our local clothing stores websites and have a wee peruse of their offerings. Whelp didn’t I just do that while I was away from said stores, and didn’t one of those store have just the jacket I have been manifesting! Black, vegan leather biker kinda situation with an attached hoody piece. (Kinda Tatiana while on Orphan Black style) But for the first time in years I was not near said store with manifested jacket. So I sighed and let it go. There was no way they would have any left in my size by the time I got back to the area. I supposed it was a crazy fluke that they had the jacket and I was not there and would have to ironically order online if I wanted it!

Then a sweet manifesting miracle occurred. Last night in the late hours….I checked the website just to see, just in potential hope there would still be jackets there…and according to the site…there was…

As you can imagine I got up today and swiftly made my way down to try and and yes buy the jacket!! Victory!

So while the world swirls in all its everythings, at least I can face it in my new manifestation jacket. Feeling very me with a new found confidence in manifestation! Sometimes it just takes a while!!

Have you ever manifested some thing like this before?

Makes me think I should start thinking bigger….like getting the new book – Grown Up Poetry Rhyme Time –  out there and more available! Working on it! In my new jacket!

Lady Beastie