It’s somewhat understandable that white people are sad about a 96-year old WASP matriarch dying, but it must be infuriating for anyone who’s been affected by Queeny’s destructive imperialism to watch the out-of-control outpouring of remorseless affection for the villainous woman who ruled over apartheid, the residential schools & all the other countless tragedies inflicted upon Indigenous non-English peoples the world over.

White male power is the scourge of humanity for the ancient time being, and Lisbet the Second was the ultimate scarlet woman herself, as she indulged in militaristic jingoism designed to reward her and her white-bred bloodline from the days of yore into perpetuity, as long as those who love to kiss the ring and kowtow to Anglophile fascism (in order to bless Her Imperious Majesty) keep signing off on the Royal Dysfunctional Family’s highway robbery of anyone not suited to be indoctrinated by their self-serving narcissistic ilk.

Recognizing that a dowdy old lady in ridiculous hats is an outright evildoer among the worst of all time is admittedly hard to do for Pollyanna Victorians of the colonized Commonwealth who are programmed to worship the whitewashed hand that grooms them, but isn’t it high-tea time for us to acknowledge that we Canamericans are beholden to an unapologetic regime which has somehow gotten away with torturing and systematically persecuting Indigenous Nations everywhere while invading every country on Earth, save for a measly twenty-six that have been spared the rod of Elizabeth’s spit-polished worldwide criminal intent.

We see the black magic results of Britannia’s occult practices all around us in Brutish Colonia with wannabe Premier Dweeby doing his best Fuhrer Drumpf impression by refusing to accept that enough voters are disgusted by his smug assumptions that he will inherit the stained mantle of Heat-Dome Horgsy’s deceitful reign without opposition, when a resourceful social justice warrior who is non-white and ecologically minded dares to challenge the Orange Kool-Aid orthodoxy of the Nihilist Demonic Party by outflanking them on their failed green agenda by exposing it for the master’s house of racist cards that it is.

Closer to smoky home, oligarchic Mayor Ghouliani of the complicit Nelsonia Police State is facing off against three dopey white men and an enabling white woman mutineer for the ivory throne of Shitty Hall, and there’s only one potential councillor who’s not an unwitting or willing representative of the white male power cause; meaning that in all likelihood no civic authority in the Valley of Lost Souls will be bothered to recognize the matriarchal Indigenous authority legally embedded in this stolen land that feeds them, as per usual. The insipid clerks and asinine politicians who pretend to respect the First Nations (perpetually disgraced by the ancestors of King Chuck the Cuckolder) by throwing taxpayers money at a single arts event per year and calling it a day are the same uncreative sycophants and foolish administrators who line their own pockets and bow down to an authoritarian regime from across the pond that virtually destroyed the original inhabitants’ cultures and laws without pause, truth or reconciliation — which is basically impossible given the damage done already by the minion hordes of the toxic English empire that adheres to the industrial dark side of the elemental force.

How can anyone respect, let alone obey, a prudish, obsessive-compulsive & passive-aggressive society that allows impoverished reserves to coexist right beside rich poncy enclaves of white power worshipers, where the roads are only paved properly if your address is tony white? When will Canamerica actually decolonize itself, as so many other supposedly less able countries have done, according to its clueless school textbooks that never properly teach their duped students about its own archaic subservience to a distant inbred dynasty? We learn all about the other smarter nations that have broken free of John Bull’s thorny yoke, and yet freedom fighting Canucks pretend that we are more advanced than these so-called “banana republics”, despite naming a savage Rottweiler named Camilla as our Queen Consort who committed adultery with our elderly new snot-nosed King.

The only reasonable solution to such a diabolical quagmire is to let the Indigenous peoples govern themselves, and us, as they see fit. The disgraceful white supremacists in power such as Count Ghoulie who only care about their own neoliberal New World Order powers will just have to accept what the First Nations and their like choose to do with the lands, air & waters that were ripped off from them in the first place by the paramilitary redshirts. The tables are being turned in the temple, and the christo-fascists aren’t going to like it when they can no longer crucify the non-white saviors who dare to defy them.

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