My dad passed away.  I’m not ready to get into it or be vulnerable about it yet. So that’s all I want to share for now.

What I will focus on instead is the NFlix.

It’s the only streaming thing that I way I have, so I get pretty deep dive with it.

Firstly it would be nice to find some shows that don’t sadistically kill people all the time. I like some mystery and drama and action but must it always involve so much killing?! I have a better time with it when it is in outer space. I feel like if you choose space there is always death and so I am ready for it and so should the characters be ready for it.

Anyhooooo given the circumstances I was overjoyed when there were some new episodes from my reality favourites.

Do you enjoy reality programming?! At least nobody is dying usually. Geesh.

Here’s a list of my faves for your info and viewing delight!

  1. The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. – Love this show, I think the hosts have host threesomes. I don’t know if they do, but I imagine so and it just adds extra flair and hotness!!
  2. Queer Eye – obvs, tear warning, I cry every time.
  3. Marie Kondo – She has two series, both are awesome. I have kondod my house and twas fabulous!
  4. Blown Away – I loved this one, their artistic process with the fragile glass was inspiring.
  5. Metal Shop Masters – I like watching people make stuff
  6. Big Flower Fight – Original and fun, colourful and cool people.
  7. Get organized With The Home Edit – If you combine this with Kondo there is no organizing you can’t tackle!
  8. Restaurants on the Edge – I want more of this one too! Makeovers and food! Huzzah!
  9. Motel Makeover – If you can handle the vocal fry, It’s very strong with the hosts.
  10. Amazing interiors – Pure fun fluff.
  11. Def U – I wish there was more of this one. Eye opening and fun and interesting.
  12. Love on the spectrum – I want more seasons and to know how they are doing…Oh sweet Michael…
  13. Goop Lab – Yes it was Paltrow and I quite liked it.
  14. Bake off – Canadian or British all are fabulous and I learn so much
  15. Next In Fashion – I like all the fashion shows, this one I really enjoyed!
  16. Glow Up – Ding Dong! So good!
  17. Chefs Table – Great storytelling and cinematography.

Great list of recommend by me viewing for you! Great viewing if you want something light where no one dies to watch, especially if someone in your life dies and you just want to tune out and tune in and be entertained.

Danke for being here,


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