I guess I don’t understand the shock of it. I have been calling it global extreme-ing for years. Many many many years. Are we all that surprised really?! After the drought and fires….?! If one is paying even the smallest bit of attention isn’t this current emergency on par for the course?!

I don’t always have the greatest memory but I’m do remember singing fervently along to Spirit Of The West’s ‘Save This House’ in the early 1990’s and feeling it’s importance then. Aren’t we as humans supposed to be all smart and stuff?! So why then would we want to continually choose old technologies that are just dirty, gross and old?! We don’t accept old technology with our smart phones and yet we still haven’t come up with sustainable power sources that aren’t just dirty and bad for us and that can sustain the kind of population demand humans insist on increasing?!

Like, what engineer was like, yes building infrastructure on a flood plane is a totally sustainable and continually viable thing to do?!

Then I’m supposed to trust elevators and skyscrapers?!

I know this seems scattered and it is. It’s a scattered little ranting. There is a light snow today.

Shrug, whatever I guess. Back to being upset that our Christmas garbage handmade by Chinese children is getting backed up in the ports due to supply chain disruptions. Well not me and perhaps not you either but a vast majority unfortunately.

I’m thankful we live on a hill and not in a flooded valley bottom.

Always good to stay thankful.

Danke for being here,


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