At the start of the ‘demic I started watching more of the y’tube, it’s amazing what you can find on there. After taking a 13 year hiatus from posting on the platform, I started to percolate what I would do if I was to do it again. I am finally feeling ready to re-learn editing and take a swing at this vlogging thing.

Soooo then yesterday as I was out on a walk and I ran into and got to meet a couple of  y’tubers that I have been following! #vanlife  I was pretty excited about it and there is more about it in the upcoming vlog which I am working on today!!

Sharing the photo cuz it’s cool!!

It’s a whole kinda thing to start at the beginning of something, I’m not as perfect or good at all the things and neither will the videos be but gosh if I don’t begin then I will never start! To heck with perfection and hello to enjoying the learning times and the beginning times!

Danke for being here for all those times!!


#forstmedia #startattheverybegininng #youtube #vancityvanlife

P.S. New Golden Heron out tomorrow!