Wow. Hi. It me. Been more than a hot minute.

Not sure why, just haven’t been feeling the postin mojo.

Could be coming back?! Nobody knows?! Did I say this the last time I posted…?!

Anyhooooo Hi.

How are you? Seriously hardcore times and yet life goes on. Sigh. Berg. also gratitude. and sigh.

Have you got your e-copy of Flowers Girls by Jeffrey yet?! Why not? Waiting for the printed version?! Well may I suggest pre-ordering then as he may want a few of those before doing a print out! Check the Flower Girls Post for all the details! So darn proud of him and all the hard work he put into the book! Not to mention it takes place in one of my favourite places Zihuatanejo!

Speaking of Zihua….some new fun ventures are on the horizon…..more on that later, hopefully, if I post, which I will, or will I ….

Mucho Danke for being here and checking out the content on this site and actually venturing out of the social media over to here and yes more Golden Heron is on it’s way soon for all the fans out there!!

Hope you are managing to breathe and feel your feet and protect your heart and hold your boundaries and be kind to yourself and others during these times of times.

All the love,

Lisel Lady Beastie