Hello! Hello November! Hello Wednesday and hello to a wee round-up.

Do you ever think about words or sayings that you are using and how they make no sense but because it is a saying we all accept that it does. Round-up is kinda like that. I just think of it as a bunch of things coming together, in this case my head thoughts. Welcome.

I think I have gone on enough of a journey with the new natural deodorant I am using to say Glory be and Hallelujah. I have been on the hunt for a de-odes, any one that will actually work and not be the worst. In the winter this becomes even more important as any smells can mean having to do way more laundry which is pas bien for many reasons. Anyhoodle I was recommended and so I tried ‘Routine’! Best de-odes hands down of any I have used ever! I got the Sweet Jane scent and it is so light and I have sweated and gone a solid 24 without reapplying. The company is two sisters out of Calgary (birthplace of me) and they have a website. They are not sponsoring me or anything I just really appreciate a quality de-odes as I feel I have been searching for so long! The only one thing is you apply with your fingers, which at first I was like, hmmmmm, but now I’m like whatever and also worth it.

Did you hear at all about the whole porn debate happening brought on by Gwynie P. and Jada P.S.’s comments?! I just want to casually point out that ‘The Breeding Hut’ continues to be ahead of it’s time as a sex positive, sexually empowering, smart piece of porn literature that seems to still be unique in the market place. I wonder how if it enters it changes the conversation, perhaps Jada and Gwynie would be open for a read….how does one get ones porny book to Jada and Gwynie…..any suggestions, I’m here for.

And to follow the porny book convo I will now move on to my most favourite recent watching experience. Seems like and odd segway howevs, that watching experience was the new ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ movie. Yes it is a ‘family’ movie. I highly enjoyed it. Thought it was great. Dora was delightful. There was action. Dora was smart. Highly enjoyed. No, it is not animated, well just for a moment. Yes the monkey was CGI, no I didn’t care and I thought he was cute. I’m not recommending it and saying you will love it, but I did.

Gosh I feel like the next thing is controversial, even after the porn and Dora The Explorer…..it’s fbox. Have ya’ll been keeping up on the latest and greatest? But did you watch the Social Dilema? But then are you still actively on there? ….instagram is unfortunately part of that too…..You don’t have to answer that last question, it can be personal, I get it. It’s hard I know. I admittedly have not deleted my accounts yet. I just also though wonder about if we are going to still empower it by using it, how we as the consumers of it can make sure the platforms have accountability. Cuz right now they know and they don’t seem to care, in that they aren’t changing things because things as they are make more money. Sooo I guess it’s just perhaps a thing to be somewhat aware of what has been going on with the company cuz it’s like not the best and ignorance is not bliss, it’s understanding how toxic and evil something is and feeding it anyway a la what the fbox has been doing and we as the consumers of it have been doing by innocently feeding it. Like I guess the connections to genocide were not enough but human trafficking and teen girl suicide and depression may just start to open a conversation about how this programmable AI is perhaps influencing to much of the world to be run by a dense and damaged frat boy. Just thoughts. Some thoughts.

……and there is the round-up. It was a lot today, that happens sometimes!

Danke for being here,


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