Reminding myself today about the journey and not the destination as I am packing and getting organized for a big coastal trip!

Remember when the most important part of packing fo a trip was making a music mix. Once yes a mix tape, then a mix CD. Now I am surprised about how much I enjoy the silence and just chatting with Jeffrey on the trips!

Getting ready can seem kinda stressful but really actually it is full of excitement and fun! I am looking forward to new sounds and smells and experiences! The same old same old can sure become the same old. And while I really do enjoy the same old, it is time for more different and new!

While we are here, just to rebel against all the blogging suggestions for a good blog, there are a couple of entertainmenty joys to share!

If you are on the flix the new season of Blown Away is up! I could just watch and watch this show. So darn good!

The new flix offering Keep Breathing was also vv good.  Quality ‘it will make you cry and grateful’ entertainment!

Now let us all pray for a moment that D+ will get the new seasons of What We Do In the Shadows and that there will be another season of Ghosts on CBC Gem. Because they are both a delight!

Also moving my way through Young Sheldon (flix), which is good for those easy cute brainless moments.

Any late night relaxing hawt summer viewing on your list these days? Or just stars and the moon?

Danke for being here!

Lady Beastie

p.s. There will be a new Golden Heron tomorrow! See ya then!

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