At a time when “young people age 18 to 34 were more likely to say they are having a tough time or are barely getting by — an indication, said the report, that younger Canadians are more likely to suffer mental health impacts of the pandemic even as the diseaseʼs affects older generationʼs physical health more” and “women and low-income Canadians are more likely to experience poorer mental health (and) that decline in mental health appears to be already manifesting itself in alcohol abuse, addiction, anxiety and depression”, the self-absorbed vampiric CoN led by Count Ghoulieʼs Consigliere Renwick is still fighting the smaller cities and rural boards around us for a share of the dwindling pandemic purse which leads to them scheming against a local collegeʼs hopeful plan to provide a trained nurse to support the poor homeless people who live among us.

Luckily, there is at least one voice on Shitty Council who understands that itʼs “dangerous” for a city to resist such a compassionate offer for petty reasons in this colonial cesspool thatʼs fine with young Indigenous women ranking as the top demographic in our imperial jails, despite representing a much smaller percentage of the populace. How would Ghoulie the Impaler and his attack-dog Renwick react to a low-cost healthcare program designed to rescue their white-bread granddaughters if they represented our most incarcerated generation? Can you imagine the uproar in Beastly Colonia right now if white girls were put in the place of our First Nationsʼ teenagers behind Queenyʼs unforgiving bars?

In general, when Shitty Hall and the cronies of Ghoulie stonewall socially-conscious progress despite their mandate to protect citizens against such immoral money-grubbing infighting which they are engaging in via their unethical mission to cannibalize our political brethren to make a ridiculous economic point about supposed fairness, we all suffer during an era when more and more of our fellows are suffering alongside us. If we want to talk about fairness, letʼs support those with less on the street far more than we do, and letʼs kick out all the pathetically lethal career clerks who would rather squabble over beneficial funds amounting to less than ten-thousand dollars. The horrific Ghoulie Gang would rather spit in the face of their civic and regional neighbours in a planetary crisis, instead of dropping less than eight grand on an angelic nurse to spread goodwill amongst our desperate people.

How long are we the citizens of this drab ostrich town willing to put up with these patriarchal bullies representing our supposedly sympathetic civil character? Are we not ruled by corporate villains who pretend to be holistic when theyʼre actually full of immoral holes? Do you realize that less than two thousand people voted for Count Ghouls or Renwick? Ironically enough, the amount of voters who didnʼt vote for them equals the same sum to pay for the collegial nurse. Yet these corporate settlers continue to wreak havoc on our behalf, and most of us react by talking about how awesome the skiing is or how sick work is. In terms of this present social contract, we get what we deserve if we allow our current regime to prosper past this yearʼs critical election. The unkind CoN should be praising and promoting the new Autonomous Sinixt website created to renew their language and culture in this divided landscape; but no, Captain Ghouls of the Nelsonia Police State would rather sic his misogynistic stooges after the RDCK, Trail-Mix & Cancelgar right when the Omaʼs-Cron Kaiju is rampaging hereabouts. Now thatʼs hideous leadership none of us want, right?

So when Councillor Woody just gets it enough to say, “Selkirk are trying to do some-thing that we desperately need in our area and, to kill a project like that because we donʼt get total buy-in, it is very dangerous… I think we need to support these kinds of efforts… we have a huge poverty problem in this area — it is extremely expensive and it is only getting more expensive”, there remains a glimmer of hope that the fascistic CoN might understand the enormity of its sociopolitical perils after all; especially once Vlad & Renwickʼs greed-driven amendment failed and the original motion of support passed.

But then again, when challenged by an avalanche of citizen complaints about their snow-removal snafus being snowed under by successive blizzards on statutory holiday weekends, all of the egoists at Shitty Hall other than Councillors Woody & Pager swear they did an absolutely swell job with the icy piles that are still clogging our streets and walkways over a month later, so letʼs not get too optimistic that thereʼs a crooked straw- man argument that Count Ghouls and his lickspittles wonʼt set up to kill over anything.

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