How’s your brain when the world is insane! Yes, but, actually. When all the things fall under the literal definition of insanity. It’s insane! WTAF!!!

Other than feeling constantly confused by all the things, and feeling like I would do a better job at all of it, my brain is vv random lately and so here’s some super random for you.

First I would like to give thanks and mention and R.I.P. to Thierry Mugler and Andre Leon Tally. Both influential and larger than life in the fashion world. Inspiration amongst the insanity!

I would like to R.I.P. to trudy’s euremo haircut that I am actually flabbergasted he is still sporting. WTAF.

Also Ye’s boots. I would like them to R.I.P. How does he think he is such a fashion man and then sport those horrendous, just the most ridiculous, using his new lady catch as some sort of mind game ploy and she being super cool and into it even though he makes her look ridiculous too. But mainly those fucking boots. With everything else going on I can’t even. Also if Kim was sporting the same terrible get up all the time she would get beyond ripped, why is nobody ripping him for those boots. It reminds me of trudes euremo, absolute insanity! The mag outlets are trying to tell us they are ‘it’ and cool. Now that is actually Fake Fucking News!! FFS!

Also what up with children of celebrities committing suicide? I’m not all conspiracy theorist but scheisse like that starts me on some kind of journey cuz WTAF?! Too fucked up.

Also the whole trucker situation makes me think of the movie Maximum Overdrive. The images are reminiscent.

Also I went deep into my young adulthood and rocked out to The Indigo Girls last night. My goodness they are wonderful. So grateful I got to see them live before all these insane times! It is amazing how relevant and true the lyrics are. ‘Closer To Fine’ much! Hit me in a good spot. There is supposed to be something good for your mental health to go back to nostalgic things especially music as it releases dopamine and can help with these insane times!! Legit science. Won’t let me leave a link for you sorry, you are on you own for that!

If you are going back to nostalgic music listening times, who are you listening to?

Danke for being here!


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