Just having some thoughts…..like for example if some person was in charge, let’s say, of public safety and in the past 6 months there had been major incidents in which people had literally died because said person didn’t have any foresight nor reacted in a timely way to help people or prevent tragedy, therefore not keeping people safe, would this not indicate that said person is perhaps not good at their job and should not be in that position and perhaps somebody who would actually be prepared and proactive should have that job?! Does this person just get to sluff off the results of their not being good at their job and just try to do better next time? I feel like most jobs would not accept this as ok. Especially if people had died because of your lack of doing your job well. If you as an employee were constantly under fire because you are not doing a good job at your job, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to stand there and pass blame constantly. I’m pretty sure you would be fired.

Or for example if you were in charge of keeping the roads plowed but you were “caught off guard” by the recent snowfall, even though the everyday travellers were not “caught off guard”, again does this not mean that that person is not competent at their job and perhaps the person in that job should again be proactive and not reactive to situations and simply providing a “I didn’t know about it” or “we are doing our best” don’t count as get out of jail free cards?!

Also can somebody please write a new script for king trudy, he literally says the exact same things he has for years, and his words are hollow and don’t mean anything because they are not accompanied by action and he needs to show action or shut up and get out of the way and also stop giving China blow jobs. (I realize I can’t say for certain trudes is sucking off the Chinese but it sure seems like it.) Sorry for that image but somethings need to be said and that feels like one of them.

I’m sure the residents of Lytton are comforted by ole trudes same B.S. “we are here for you, Canadians are resilient, we will get through this together….blah blah blah” as they remain homeless climate refugees with minimal to no support.

And also – It is beyond disgusting how Canada continues to treat our Indigenous people. I am ashamed of Canada. Though unfortunately not surprised how racist Canadians are continually proving to be.

Anyhoo it just frustrates me that these incompetent colonial white supremacist FOW assholes just blah blah blah with no recourse for their failures. Sluff sluff sluff. Imagine if we all behaved they way they did. Not so racist and colonial (because it’s awful) but with the same impunity. That could get interesting. Pretty sure scheisse would go sideways fast.

And also anyhooooo – I got a silky pillowcase. It’s supposed to help prevent wrinkles and keep your hair less frizzy. I shove my face hard into that pillow, so the wrinkles are doing their best to get in there, but I do think it is better than a non silky one. It’s very slippery though. Overall I’d say it is a worth it win.

Getting my little beauty bits in there! I didn’t forget even!!

I hope it’s still possible to re-renaissance this scheisse cuz OMFJ WTAF FFS

And also a reminder that this Christmas and all the days your consumer dollars can help people for the positive or help ‘mazon keep exploiting their workers and Bozo destroying the planet because you just could’t get what you ‘needed’ anywhere else. Our dollars make decisions. It’s good to be aware and do your best. Perhaps we don’t need plastic made by children from China to be happy. Just a thought. (But really deeper and more profound and true than just a thought.)

Danke for being here,


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