I get why Scott D. is upset with Kourts engagement but she says she made clear the things he needed to do to man up and do for her to consider being with him and it doesn’t seem like he did.  So there ya go.

Ole Trudy like ole Scott D. thinks he just gets to walk in like my bad, oops sorry, moving on. He (Trudy) could have presented something actionable while in Kamloops, goodness knows he has put them off and has had time, but instead all he gave were more words and platitudes. Let’s see some action for once or like Scott D. with Kourt you aren’t going to get in Canadas pants anymore Trudy. (Although Canada seems to be pretty easy, if you know what I mean…!)

Oh supply shortages are happening re: Covid. How interesting. Whelp, I didn’t have my site to show my receipts yet but I was on about that in March 2020. Mayans much. Also have we not learned that being consumerist junk buying assholes is perhaps not the way forward for humanity?! How are people still demanding their delayed made in China by children cheap garbage products for halloween (christmas to follow)? Is it from some consumerist mammon sickness that is also plaguing our plant?!…..like perhaps maybe just saying…

Can Jeff Bozo fly to space and stay there?! Can we send some others with him?! So then Shatner privs it up, sucks off Bozo, uses all those resources, the environmental toll of the ship ect. and then goes on the media to cry about the earth and how we need to save it and the media praises him instead of calling out the hypocrisy. Coo coo coo coo coo Hey Shat how’s about seeing if your sick buddy Bozo wants to help out on that new found mission of earth saving? Put those words into action, or again, then he (like so many) are just mumbling out of their asses cuz their heads are so far up them. Like, just saying.

How’s about vaccinating Africa instead of boosters to rich countries. (Privilaged racism that is passed over as so normal and no big deal when I am like this is the systemic shit! There it is! Plain as day! Anyone else notice it?! No?! Just carry on guess?!!)

Cuz the farming protests in India won’t affect us either right?! Global economy. NBD don’t worry about it, thanksgiving what?! Current events who?!!! OMFJ FFS!!

Also the governments must be fine with their populations getting sick, being long haulers, having  breakthrough cases ect. The powers that be just don’t want the hospitals backed up. Because again for all those people at the back and not cool enough to be on this website to hear my gospel, (I guess ya’ll will have to share this site, otherwise how will they know? Certainly not media or social media…!!) all the vaccination does is perhaps and probably protect you from getting real sick and dying. Mainly keeps you from clogging the hospitals which then leads to restrictions which then leads to the biggest disaster of all…not being consumerists and worshipping at the altar of Mammon. A bunch of vaccinated people in a restaurant or gym ect. can still be infectious, can still spread the disease and infect others and can still get sick and become long haulers. You’re just more likely not to end up in the hospital, so the higher ups seem to be cool with that as long as you are spending money. Seems logical right?!

Oh and remember when India wasn’t fully on the vax train yet and then delta developed and now we are here. Cuz what?! people don’t think that can happen with Africa and other countries?! Ahhhh Mayans much?!!….Wishful thinking is a cult a la Drumpf. Just saying…

When and why did “wait and see” become the top technique for dealing with global pandemics a la B. Henry et al?! It’s really worked so far…NOT. Is it not insanity when one keeps trying the same thing and expects a different result?! Like “we will wait and see if our choices start killing all the children and then if they do we will maybe make another choice.” Yeah that seems like a good reactive way to run things right?! Remind me, is this when we do thoughts and prayers or is that for something else!!?!

And but also, Adele is refreshing. Her song is cheesy a la Adele, but it’s her unapologeticness I enjoy. Finneas is so talented and new album is fun. Can’t and don’t want to get Billies ‘Happier than Ever’ out of my head, so rocking good! Shad has a new offering I am just digging into as well.

So in summary let’s remember action is the only way forward for truth and reconciliation, your consumer choices can change the world, the Mayans, sharing this website to your friends is caring, I’ve been calling it global extreme-ing for years and while I meant the weather, now I think I mean it all.

The Golden Heron has been spot APU as well.

Stay tuned this week I’ve got some dream diaries to discuss and a new book from a legend and Canadian author to show you that may peak the interest of all you mountain story lovers!

Hey, just want to say,

Danke for being here!


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