Do you dream?! Do you remember your dreams?!

I don’t always dream or remember them but something I have had my whole life are reoccurring dreams. Sometimes there are whole storylines and evolutions. I have always been curious about reoccurring dreams. Curious if they mean something?! I’m sure there are dream specialist people who might have all sort of theories on all my dream activity!

Last week I went back to a reoccurring location I hadn’t been to in a while and it brought up memories of all the dreams around that I have had. Kinda crazy but I want to share so here goes…!

So really this whole dream story began years ago. I am going to tell it like a story but do remember it is a dream!

I lived in this house that was similar to the house I lived in in Vancouver, which did have a ghost. I had a bedroom in the back of the house and it was in a residential neighbourhood, off a busy street. I had lots of dreams about that place, roommates coming and going and what not, nothing to crazy. Then at some point the house was going to be sold and so we all had to move out, at that point there was a house next door that I had partied with the neighbours in a dream sometime and they offered me the basement suite. Which I took and had dreams about moving in there and the house next door selling and new neighbours, the whole thing. I don’t remember how the next new house came into play, but I was looking for a new place as I found the basement suite to be dark, not a lot of natural light. I just remember moving in and touring the new house. It had 3 stories and like 3 apartment levels to it with their own bathrooms, but the whole unit only had one shared kitchen, on the second floor. The apartment was lovely. 3rd floor, big balcony with french doors, lots of windows that looked onto a grassy empty lot across the alley, a common area and 2 bedrooms. The roommates were nice, the whole thing seemed great. Until one dream I started to notice a sinister energy and odd ghosty things. Like doors closing and banging and things being moved. Nobody else living there really seemed to notice.

Disclaimer – kinda violent gross stuff next –

Until one night I had an absolute nightmare. The presence was there and I remember being scared and then hearing screaming and banging and then I went downstairs and busted open a roommates door to find her bloodied and being dragged around her room, Jonny Depp a la Nightmare on Elm Street Style. To which I tried to save her and it was a whole gory bloody awful mess.

But nothing really happened around her death. There was acknowledgement and I don’t think that room got rented again and I sure never went back in it. But it got me curious about the house so I started doing some research. Yes in my dream doing research about my dream, and I learned that here had been a man a long time ago who had lived there and was into the occult and what not. I was even able to find an old picture of him. He was tall and slender wearing a black suit from the early 1900’s and a top hat. Pointy features and a slight beard. After that discovery I was conflicted on whether to stay, I could always feel that lurking sinister energy but the apartment was just so darn nice, it was hard to give it up. The random creepy ghost stuff did keep occurring though and so I did end up moving. But every now and then, and this is what happened the other night, I go back to the apartment to check up on it. To see if people are living there and see if they know about the ghost and if they have had any occurrence with it. Sometimes people are there but it has a high turn over, probably because of the ghost. This last time the house was in good condition but I didn’t see anybody. I did walk around though and my goodness what a nice apartment. Shame about the evil ghost!

So there is a dream diary edition. This is just one example. I have a bunch of other reoccurring dreams I go through with whole vast progressive timelines. One day I’ll tell you about my Dad and I and our weird dream tangle we had!

Interesting stuff! Feel free to drop any theories in the comments. Do you have dreams like this?! Does anyone else you know dream like this?!

Danke for being here!!


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