It RAINED!!! Glory! Blue Skies! Glory!

And also, there is always an also…

Nelson is embarrassing at it’s low vaccine rate and current high spread. Beyond embarrassing and getting coverage on a national level because of it. Not surprising, (unfortunately) but super fucking awful. Lower vaccine rate that the U.S. of A. here in jolly ole Nelson. No worries, it has nothing to do with Fbox though, so keep scrolling and supporting.  Just sayin and sassin, somebody needs too.

Where is anybody saying anything about this on a local level? Where’s Ghouly? (Our Mayor) City Council? Nothing? Really? Again I knew they were all the things of all the adjectives I could use but REALLY? C’mon. WTActualF. Ghouly made a video for the Abby cop but he can’t make one to encourage masks and vaccines?! WTActualF?!! I thought he was pro economy?

This fall is going to be super because of it. Great. Super.

Ostrich, deny, deny, justify, stay willfully ignorant, placate and politic are the Nelson way, and because anybody with any position of power wants to cling to their clerk power and job pay check, nobody does anything. Well, they may talk about it amongst themselves and perhaps do a survey.

Oh yes but do keep the ever important car show going though so a bunch of FOWs can admire each others hobby?!!  I’m sure that won’t be a super spreader event. All those car FOWS will for sure be vaccinated and wear masks. So important that they need to look at ole gas guzzlers that are destroying the planet because of ancient technology that everyone seems to be ok that they still insist is used.

Don’t even get me started on Shambles. Oh dear…

It RAINED! Glory. Thank goodness. Because all the rest of this scheisse at this point is unbelievably, ridiculously frustrating.

Yes I’m fiesty! Yes, I’m upset! If the time isn’t now to be those things when is it?! The fifth wave? The sixth?

Do I need to repost Spirit Of The West’s “Far To Canadain”again?



Danke for being here also.

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