Hiola! I know I said more beauty stuff, I didn’t forget…. but first!

I enjoy a romantic comedy. Pair that with some action and I am sold! However it seems like some collective has decided that these movies aren’t popular and the only time they are ‘allowed’, especially romance, is at Christmas or the holidays.  So then I am a sucker because the romance scene has been so barren, when they offer me all the platters at Christmas I want them all! Only here’s the thing. Oh so many are oh so bad oh my. So I try them and then sometimes I even finish them. Every now and then I will be surprised but more often than not I have been noticing some distressing themes.

Like how most of the leads are in some sell out job (par example advertising) that they are probably soon getting promoted for but really they want to do something creative in their life, like be a writer or a painter or a florist or something, that normally isn’t allowed to be seen as something one can do but now that they have found success in their norm core job we can feel ok to cheer on their dream of becoming an artist. As an artist one can imagine all the problems I have with all of that.

I also feel like most of the films assume I must be a christian for wanting to watch romance with some comedy as the wasp christian values they continually force upon me are also astounding.

Are you entertaining yourself with christmasy type fair at this time?!

Instead of ranting more which I totes yo could, I thought I’d share a wee bit of a list of things I enjoyed on the Flix this year so far! Kinda in order but also not really!

  1. Hjeim til Jule – I said it before. LOVE THIS ONE!! Can blast through the two seasons in 2-3 viewings!
  2. Dash and Lily – super cute also a couple of nights to binge through!
  3. Blown Away Christmas –  so it’s the glass blowing show not romance but I love it.
  4. The Knight Before – cute, fun etc.
  5. The Holidate – also cute, fun etc.
  6. A Christmas Prince – there are 3 I think…not the best but not the worst.
  7. The Princess Switch – also 3, also not the best or worst, haven’t watched the 3rd one yet…!
  8. Single All The Way – surprisingly good actually, laughed out loud 2x I think.
  9. The Christmas Chronicles – not really romance but still ok.
  10. but also I must after that last one take a moment to rant about all the dead parents all the time in the christmas movies. Seriously!! Find me a Christmas movie where all the characters have parents who are alive!! Home alone?! The Griswalds?! Even Elf was on orphan!! Is it a past 2000’s kinda thing, they decided all the parents must always be dead for the conflict!!! OMFJ!!!
  11. Holiday In the Wild – Rob Lowe, need I say more!
  12. Let it Snow – should be higher on this list, may even watch it again….
  13. Operation Christmas Drop – I didn’t hate it, probs because it was tropical….
  14. The Holiday – obvs great classic.
  15. Over Christmas – different, I enjoyed

Still to watch:

1. Christmas Flow

2. El Camino Christmas

All those other ones that look like they will be Ok. They really aren’t. I’ve tried. I’m hoping in the future romantic comedies can become what they once were instead of relegated to the holidays.

Worth a mention but not the flix are

1.  The Night Before – not a romanic comedy but a darn good time.

2. Office Christmas Party – also not romance but fun.

Then there are the obvious classics such as Elf and Die Hard…?.!!

Any obscure fun Christmas entertainment you are into and want to share?! I’d love to know!!

Mucho Danke for being here!!


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P.S. Another shot from that epic sunset the other night!!