And I don’t mean easter! Not that easter is a dilemma, but really what is easter? What does easter actually mean to you?! Perhaps it’s a full religious affair, perhaps time with family, mustard sauce and chocolate. How much does Jesus really play into you easter?

Even though I am not a religious person, I do take some time to ponder Jesus every easter.

Because you see, like Jesus, I have been persecuted and abandoned at times for just trying to be good and do the right thing. Have you?

I also have some pretty strong thoughts about God in this situation, and how he comes out cool even though I’m pretty darn sure if he was a character in a movie he’d be the bad guy…but anyhoooo

Easter is a time to remember who’s side you are on. Someone like Jesus, or are you too invested in the institutions who deem it ok to crucify any life? What are the moral lines for you these days, where can you find the equivalent, and how do you know what your choosing is kindness? And every year it is brought to light by Jesus at Easter, but also Coachella.

Yes Coachella, the hip music festival in the desert. You see, it’s this weekend and they live stream most of it on y-tube. All three stages plus backstage stuff. And the thing is is that technically it is a big celebration of music and the arts. The filming and lighting is always fabulous and they have huge artist installations and the palm trees swaying in the wind and the hip young cool kids being free and fashionable and it all is so fun and to be able to see the concerts in real time and without having to use a porta potty is just wonderful for a person of my age who has already been to her fair share of music festivals!

I usually watch it, I get to check out acts I am curious about but often discover new artists. Jeffrey and I actually came up with the whole concept for our book ‘The Breeding Hut’ during a Coachella date. We had been watching the performances and noting it was very rare to find a good lead singer who doesn’t just ruin everything and then a new to us band ‘Explosions in the Sky’ came on and to our surprise and delight there was no lead singer and they were epic and we just got swept away into a major creative zone and thus ‘The Breeding Hut’ was born! What a date! If you listen to some ‘Explosions in the Sky’ you can image the epic ness! Ahhh the memories!

Some shows I get up and dance and ‘be a part’ of the crowd. It really has been fun. Then the ‘demic, and two years of nada. But it is here again. It starts tonight. It also makes it more palatable that Ye is no longer playing (my opinion and I can have it). and sooooo…..

….here is the moral dilemma, the dude who makes the money off the festival donates a lot of it to terrible right wing organizations. Pro gun, anti LGBTQIAS+ etc. organizations. So technically when I am clicking I am clicking support for that, for him. I am very aware of who my clicks support because in this digital age, your clicks are your currency.

But then Billie Eilish is performing and she is very pro LGBTQIAS+….Does she donate some money to offset where the ticket sale revenues are going? Does she have a moral dilemma about it? Is she even aware? I would hope so.

To watch or not to watch…to click support or not to click….what would Jesus do?

Like… I kinda feel like he would click and watch and then try to meet the rich owner dude and help open his eyes to compassion instead of the trauma, hate and violence he is perpetrating, that serves no one. Potentially? And while Jesus could probs get an audience with that dude, me, not so much.

I’ll probably watch. sigh. I will offset my clicks in other ways. I will carry the awareness and not live in oblivious selfishness.

But now I have told you, and you will have to decide where your clicks lie. In life, in general. Good luck with that!

Something I am always reminding myself is that kindness is key. I think Jesus would agree with that. Love can be tricky and dangerous and loaded and passionate and scary and all sorts of things, but kindness is tangible and easy. I don’t think love can heal the world. Love is too complicated, but kindness you can measure and accomplish. Kindness first to ourselves and then kindness to others easily follows.

Hope you have some nice rest time this long weekend and take some time to think of Jesus, eat some ‘kind’ chocolate (some chocolate is very cruel) and to be kind to yourself and to others.

Danke for clicking here,


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