It is a big deal here in Mexico.

I remember being young and the days of yore, Halloween was a day of getting dressed up and getting  lots of ‘party crack’ (sugar). My mom was really good at costumes. Like the time she used a laundry basket for a lady bug costume or when I wanted to be Gene Simmons in grade 4, she helped me rock a cardboard guitar and attempted the face paint.  It was a lewk for sure!!

As I got older it was all about the partying and drugs. Going dancing, getting real loose and trippin on all the other people in there costumes.

One time my friend and I went as Betty and Veronica to ‘Syphilis City’ (actually called Silver City at the time!!) it was a bold move and ended with us leaving early because the intense sexual attention was to much. Never did that again.

I think the scariest costume I ever wore was one of the most simple. I wore some grubby, lets call them house cloths, and I cut 2 eye holes and a mouth hole in a pillow case and used some rope around my neck to keep it on. It was actually terrifying. The mouth hole got all gross and grubby from me eating food and nobody really talked to me the whole time. It was a good one! Peoples reaction to me were hilarious!!

In Mexico the Dia de Muertos is rooted in an ancient tradition that goes back over 3000 years. Yup that is pre J.C.

It stems from an Aztec festival that is dedicated to the goddess (they worship a lot of goddesses and women here, take note can-america) Mictecacihuatl; the lady of the dead. (Say that 5 times fast!!)

Her role was to guard the bones of the dead and to allow spirits to travel back to earth to commune with family members.

Last night at the festival they danced and said a prayer to each of the directions and called on Mictecacihuatl. It seemed to be elemental and fun to the Mexicans around me but I felt this deep connection to the dancing and the prayer and the drumming. (Video is up on my insta…!)

For the Mexicans the day is a celebration of the lives of their loved ones. They do this instead of grieving their loss. For them the dead are a part of this world.

The marigolds that we are seeing decorating everything were called Mary’s gold after the virgin Mary (another of the ladies they worship here), they believe the dead can smell the aroma from the afterlife and the smell and beauty of the flowers help lead the dead back home. The bright and cheery colour of the flowers celebrate life as opposed to feeling bitter and sad about death.

Families will make an altar in their homes and public spaces and leave favorite foods and drinks like tequila (and coke a cola!) and personal momentos of the deceased. They gather to share a meal and tell stories, often at the grave site. They will also clean and decorate the graves.

This year, (because the one niner had halted the festivities for a couple of years,) is apparently extra big. The festival is going on for 5 days with multiple events and how cool is it to be here and be a part of it!

I first came to Zihu many many, like many years ago with my family. My parents had gone the year before and my dad liked it so much he wanted to bring my brother and I. He passed 2 Septembers ago and with all of this happening I feel close to him here.

I also feel like I am celebrating a different death of sorts. A death of my life as it was before and who I was in that life. I am calling on the spirits to help me stay true and open and healthy in this new calling, on this different path.

I feel grateful I have this platform to share the adventure and all the things with you!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. Or you can DM me which seems to be the preferred method!

I was kinda like what up with that but than a youthful friend who knows more about tech and the whole socials world says it’s because it feels more personal for people, which I can dig!!

Either way it is great to hear from you!

Who is it you want to celebrate this Dia de Muertas as the veil between the worlds becomes thin?

Are there small deaths you experience that could be celebrated as opposed to dreaded?

Did you already gett dressed up and do the party thang?

Danke so mucho for taking the extra steps to be here.

I appreciate you WAY more than zuck do!

Lady Beastie