This may seem like a comic rant but I am actually vv serious!

Why oh why is nobody talking about ole king trudys haircut right now?! I am seriously beyond confused about this. If he were a woman and she was sporting some sort of insane style, you had better believe all the media would be talking about it. With a haircut such as that, I feel there must be larger issues at play?! Who is advising ole trudes and who thought it was a good idea?! Where is his wife in all of this!

Have you yourself even noticed?! While granted I can not bear to hear him open his mouth to say the same nothing speech he rattles off as though he was in oscar contention. 

I am a former hairdresser, and if I had a client, especially one in politics, (and I have cut politicians hair before and it is stressful because they are in the public eye and you don’t want to get roasted over some terrible hair cut you gave them) and if I had anybody, other than a real emo finding themselves teenager asking me to do their hair the way he has it, I would have concern. No for real I would, I would be worried about that person being bugged and judged about who they are based on their hair. Also on their own rational sanity and mental health state for wanting such a cut.

It is seriously a slightly softer version of what Gary Oldman sported in the Fifth Element!!

First his Jafar tribute and now this!!

I don’t really know of any traditional or other wise mens cut that is short and gelled back on one side, with a deep part and much longer and fuller on the other side, so much so it is halfway down his ear. We are calling it eur-emo. Because perhaps he is justifying it as a really emo-european style. Is he perhaps trying to be a trendsetter? “It’s what all the cool cats in France are doing”…except it’s just not, as it is so confused.

It gives me the upmost concern for our country for a few reasons, first off, am I the only person who has noticed this. If so what the actual fuck. Also if others have noticed, how messed up trudes hair is why has no one said anything about it? Because he is a man? Because you had better believe (sayings like that are so weird but it just felt right so I’m going with it again!!) if he was a she, she would be getting raked through the media about it, while her hairdresser sat mortified in the dark hiding from the world. WTAF!! How has this gone on for so long?!! (I’m referring to trudes hair.)

I’m not bullying either, thank you. I think you can be who you want, live your authenticity and all that good stuff, I encourage it, but in this case there is an obvious lack of balance that is being shown very obviously on his head. And also that all his advisers and wife aren’t advising against it?!! Does sophisticating find it hot?! What is happening here?!!? Have we entered some kind of vortex or something?!!

I think trudes flabbergasting haircut is pointing out a great many issues. For example, am I one of the only people seeing this and speaking up? Well then again, WTAF!!! Wow, just wow.

Anyhooo, I’ll be picking back up on the posting as January goes on. Just isn’t my jam this time of year….but somethings like seriously troubling coifs need to be timely addressed!

Danke for being here,


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