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So, I currently am so appreciative of comments but I will only respond if they are on this site.

That being said Hiola!

Reasons around all that spurred this.

I looked back at my last couple of letting it out there posts and I stand by them. If anything I think I should add masochist to the anti-vaxx list of how I feel about them.

I am just as allowed to have those feelings and voice them as people are to not get the vaccine. I understand there is nuance to all of this. I’m a Libra after all.


When I travelled 20 years ago, my husband and I couldn’t get into Panama because we didn’t have all the shots we needed. We got a bunch of shots before we went travelling in the first place but not quite the right ones for that country. So vaccine passports and not being allowed into countries because you don’t have a shot has been a thing for a long time. Just hasn’t applied to ‘first world’ countries as much. Privilege.

I have mentioned this before but I keep wondering if this disease left permanent visible scarring disfiguration on ones face and body, a la small pox, what would the vaccine rates look like then. Would there be so many anti-vaxxers?

What a privilege. What a privilege to not get vaccinated. My opinion.

I also wonder if anti-vaxxers give their pets vaccines?! Isn’t it law for animals to get all their shots? Isn’t that to keep them and us safe from sickness? So if one would do it for their pet, why not oneself?

Getting vaccinated was stressful for me too. I was nervous about it. My body was really sad and mad at me about it. I am a very sensitive person and I feel things deeply, I get side affects, I don’t feel well all the time, I have thyroid issues and am in the heat of peri-meno-p. I had anxiety over the vaccine. I am not all rah rah for big pharm. I didn’t feel good after the first one. I had a night of both ender. It sucked. I can say with confidence I would rather have gone through that, the sore arm, my body feeling really sad at me, the barfing, the anxiety, then getting the one niner. I’m pretty darn sure my body would be way less happy with me if I chose to chance the disease instead. Including a constant low level stress of what if. Not good for me.

I also believe in science. I also know vaccines are not a new thing. I also don’t think the ‘they’ are trying to kill everybody, ‘they’ are Mammon worshippers, it would be bad for their precious economy wouldn’t it?

I see nuance, but I don’t think the powers that be, the ‘they’ do.

I haven’t been able to engage in my passions, the things that have made me who I am and give me joy and fill me for too long now. Are any of you still having that experience? It’s intense and frustrating and not good for my mental health and I have done ok through it because I have good coping skills but I am frustrated as fuck. The longer people continue to…. I don’t know…stay on this current path the longer this is all going to go on. If you are someone who is still receiving a pay check, or retired, or able to continue with your passions. I don’t know if you can really get what that feels like. There is much nuance to it.

I am a radical when it comes to things like laws and constitutions and democracy and capitalism. All of this schiesse  and beliefs and rules are old and outdated and do not fit with our times or the kind of population and foresight and nuance that needs to happen before we can really move forward to a better world for everybody and everything. I don’t believe we were set up with good intention in the first place. Bunch of FOWs asserting their power and beliefs so ‘they’ can profit. Which ‘they’ still are.

The Breeding Hut is actually about all this stuff if you can believe it! (amidst the other good parts!)

I could go on and on and I will more I’m sure but that is a long enough post for now. The sky is too blue and the sun is to lovely to sit here typing or for you to sit around reading!!

Danke so mucho for being here and reading all that. It’s brave to comment I get that, but feel free to too!


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