It’s Monday in January and it feels it! I haven’t done a roundup in a while and I just finished watching some flixs and I gots things to say.

First off I watched ‘Brazen’, the new top trending movie on the flix. Not normally my genre, I’m not the most into people getting murdered, though I know much of the world has been convinced that that is entertainment. Do not watch it. It is terrible. It is everything that is wrong with everything. I did watch it to the end, which I haven’t done with a lot of movies. Like the Spanish ‘Lilli’ which seemed like it was cute, but as soon as they started making her oh so dedicated to being a doctor character think she could treat a patient on her own when she had been told not too, is not comedy. Even if the soundtrack tells you it’s supposed to be. It’s not, it’s playing with a sick patients life and if your lead character doesn’t have the piece of mind not to do that, I’m not spending another hour with them, even if it is fiction. It was like the whole point of ‘Brazen’ was to get Alyssa Milano in a dominatrix outfit. A very christian dominantrix outfit (is that a thing?) that really is just tight latex with cleavage, not actual lingerie or anything risqué or anything. Oh no, they can def show some ladies being murdered but heaven forbid we see more than cleavage. Also I figured out the murderer right away, which was lame, was I supposed to figure it out so fast?!  Then so casually to have the lead falling in love with the police guy. Gag. Problem. Problem that that movie was made, that that many people were like “yeah that sounds good green light it” As opposed to “are you kidding me, that script is everything wrong with both movies and the world.” Problem that is trending so high on the flix, probs because everyone wants to see Alyssa in a hot outfit,I’m guessing. Or Probs actually to watch women be murdered, that seems most mainstream and what people are convinced they want to watch. coo coo coo coo…. Also nothing is really addressed. Like how is all this going to affect this community and all those school kids when they hear what has happened?! Just normal?! No big deal?! Go fall in love with the cop renovating his house and all will be well. At least it was less traumatizing then say a school shooting. Gag. Skip it. Skip far away from it. But of course it’s trending high so all the executives will be like “see murdering women is good content, that people want to watch.” What a pleasant cycle. How healthy for our society. coo coo coo coo coo coo coo…. Also apparently it was based on an 80’s movie, which with all the misogyny and coked up weirdness of the 80’s, it probably should have been left in the 80’s. It does not age well.

Article 81 however was right up my ally. Cults, alternate worlds, demons, witch craft, basic good times! More than just straight up women murdering. Mostly what was fabulous was Martin Donovan! Golly what a great actor. His choices were amazing, if you want to see an example of somebody playing opposites to create intrigue with character, it’s a good one. Bravo to him! Will there be a second season?! Don’t know yet!

And next for all you sci-fi peeps out there, I enjoyed ‘The Colony’. I found it interesting in it’s restraint. It was smart and I enjoyed the ending.  Movies like that make me feel better about where I’m at cuz at least that isn’t my reality!

@Zola was pretty fun too. Interesting storytelling and I remember when that whole crazy tweet story went down, It was cray then and it was cray to watch!

Obvs binged Emily In Paris and The Witcher. Oh The Witcher…..sigh… 

I’m really hoping that 3rd season of Ghosts on CBC Gem comes out soon. I’ve watched some episodes 3x which is very unlike me. I just appreciate the humour and the characterizations so mucho.  Like, if you are looking for something other than the standard murder programming…sigh

Anyhoooo, happy Monday to you! Are you watching anything fabulous that you would like to share?!  Don’t be shy and leave us a comment below I’d love to hear from you!

Danke for being here,


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P.S. The stollen was pretty good. Kinda dry. Good enough that I will give it another go next year!