The frucker’s violent occupation of Ottawais by the fighters of freedom is still being credited by conservative political experts in the good old boy USA for driving Fuhrer Drumpf’s fascistic tendencies even further to the ultra-right fringes, to the point where Il Duce of Mad-a-Lago is now reposting the lunatic Qbert screeds amplified by angry wackos such as the fanatical so-called “Queen of Canada” who reigns just like the heartless ruler of Wonderland’s maddest hatters. Why is this a legitimate threat to the dicey future of Canuckistan’s teapot in a tempest social climate? Because the likely next Patriarchal Minister of Maple Leaf Incorporated is a big fan of the anti-woke western male chauvinists who are lining up around the block throughout this stolen land to cheer on neo-Conservative Pepe Le Pue’s toxic brand of fearmongering and bigoted condescension. And if you’re waiting for supposedly liberal King Trudy the Second to miraculously save the day for the beleaguered forces of the people’s democracy, the Kokanee Groper has proven that he knows how to minstrel dance amid the death-march of a misogynistic dictatorship with the worst of them.

So if militaristic whitewashed Uncle Sam is finally being forced to reckon with its rioting homegrown anti-democratic fascists due to centuries of overt minority persecution and state-sanctioned racial oppression, etc., what is O Cana-duh doing to dissuade its own Eurocentric insurrectionists from destroying the frayed fabric of our tarnished flag even further in the coming years of looming Christo-fascist authoritarianism disguised as God-fearing patronizing? Who can fight back against this anti-Indigenous, pro-industry, corporate-friendly & environmentally destructive WASPy bowel movement, which has infected and sickened the Nihilist Demonic Party of Brutish Colonia to the point-of-no-return where even their misguided Youth Advisor to retiring Heat-Dome Horgsy is drunk on the orange kool-aid served up by the elitist boomer cult who have unconscionably anointed the combative Dweeby of poncy Point Grey as their Dear Leader, when his wise beyond her years non-white opponent is exactly the type of progressive firebrand whom the previously sympathetic social democrats should be promoting as their spiritual talisman going forward.

Instead of enhancing our inherent democratic right to critique the people’s representatives when they drift into the morass of jingoistic overseas militancy, Pierre Junior of the Illiberal Cult is obsessed with protecting the virtue of the prickly Wild Rose thorn who is presumed to be his mistress by many, as he bemoans his inability to beat up the Greater Albertan redneck that stupidly threatened non-Freeland whom Monsieur Sophie Gregoire wanted to pummel so bad, just like he beat up that troubled Indigenous Tory senator in order to justify his questionable blackface virility. When given the choice to come down somewhere between dictatorial repression and freedom of speech, KT2 always lands on the wrong side of paramilitary law enforcement that favours his oligarchic agenda, so even if he can somehow overcome the thin blue wave of rising modern fascism embodied by the current dickhead of the Conservative sausage factory, there’s no way us voters who’ve been denied a suitable electoral candidate will be able to avoid a sweeping federal debacle wherein no-one will stand up for the poor disenfranchised generations not born to a privileged christian ‘legacy family’ who can only dream of joining Kanata’s broken and diminished middle class. Jester Jagmeet sold his sociopolitical soul to mock dishonourable Trudy’s elitist court from within the ivory tower itself, and the nonsensical floundering Greens are all but permanently defeated as they fight themselves more than the polluting profiteers beloved by filthy-rich Grits and Tories alike, so what hope do we have of avoiding yet another colonial overlord who will pander to the basest instincts among their “Dark Canuck” narco-state fraternity of overpaid corrupt CEOs and sinister boardroom lobbyists who dominate the seedy halls of imperialistic Parliament?

The True North weak and not-so-free has never had to truly reckon with the harsh truths of its past horror shows, even though the tragic confirmation of Indigenous shallow graves at the apocalyptic residential schools adopted by sadistic King Trudy the First should have been the catalyst for a collective acknowledgement that the Queen’s English business-as-usual chicanery has never been up to the task of superseding our rightful systems of Indigenous law, society & culture which should be the bedrock of justice led by sovereign First Nations’ governance from coast to coast to coast. The disgraceful founder of the proud Pubescent Boys and the dangerous Q-Anon queenpin are both from Onterrible, the northern anti-freedom convoy occupiers beloved by Pepe Le Pue fired up a nation of white supremacists due south after their failed coup simmered, and most Canamericans don’t even realize how much we’re going to swing to the cutthroat right-wing when the even more despicable Pierre takes over and the sedated masses who claim to disdain intolerance belatedly clue in to the white supremacist streak running through our kleptocratic nation’s mainstream politics, culture & paternalistic history from day one and counting.

What are most citizens of this uppity country doing to avoid the seemingly inevitable calamity which will make the rest of the ragged free world wonder what happened to pollyanna Canamerica that made us vote in an anti-choice, anti-Indigenous, anti-environmental & anti-freedom catastrophe like the Poilievre skunk? There is a passive-aggressive army of kowtowing boonie-bike bros docilely served by their scarlet women lurking among us who can’t wait to reassert their patriarchal dominance over anyone who’s not like them, so that they can reclaim the manly-man throne from the hated “nanny state” of compassionate souls just like their mean-spirited forefathers. Falsely claiming a crisis of masculinity while they endorse anti-abortion and anti-pride legislative bullying, the white-bred Republicanazis and the blue-ball Tories will unite their hateful bases against the non-discriminatory stakeholders of Canamerica faster than most will be able to perceive, and we’ll be caught in a spiraling vortex of desperate despair and systemic poverty; unless we can give up our royal heritage addiction, and kick the monarchistic habit of coddling our well-off herronvolk, in favour of turning over the symbolic helm to the first peoples who should have been in charge of our spiritual, financial & holistic well-being all along.

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