Feeling like time for a little entertainment roundup!

It’s been a moment!

Being away from my typical streaming times has led to a couple pleasant surprises on this journey, and a couple of things I will have to let go of for now.

Like how Dis+ just got rid of “What We Do In The Shadows”!!! NOOOOOOOO, and I wasn’t done the last season! Motherf*ckers….serioulsy…without warning….super fudge….

Also my global app does no work so no Survivor. Bummer, but I am in my own tropical version these days so I guess I can deal.

But also no CBC Gem so I can’t finish the latest War of The Worlds, which I will be able to finish later, but it is darn good, FYI if you haven’t checked it out yet. Dark though, and intense, but real good too!

On the upside, on the plane I got to watch “The Lost City” with Sandy B..  A movie right up my alley as I am a big big fan of “Romancing the Stone” and adventure comedies in general! I quite enjoyed it! It had some laugh out loud moments for sure and the movie stars are such movie stars! Somehow Brad Pitt is the best part! How does he do it?! If you have the opportunity I say give it a go!

The place we are currently staying at has HBO and so we were able to watch the first season of “White Lotus”. Omj, so freaking good! It deserved all the awards it won! Highly recommend! It has a Survivor connection as Mike White the show’s creator was on Survivor! Who knew he was so darn talented! We didn’t start the second season as we won’t be here when it finishes so we will have to see what the next place offers, but if it is possible, I would def jam do a season 2!

Speaking of soooo good, our Dis+ is working down here and Andor….oh Andor….so, so good. I think we have 2 episodes left in this season and then the probably a long wait till season 2. If you are a Star Wars fan or even if you aren’t, it is so good and remarkably relevant and just so well written and acted and yeah. So Good.

Speaking of a long long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the new ‘flix fare “Ancient Apocalypse” was fascinating. I highly recommend. What really sunk in with me is the idea of how so many things like archeology, think that they are so right and are actually so singular and narrow minded in their ideas and so unwilling to learn or change or grow or accept something different because it challenges what they have decided (Galileo much…). It really emphasized my own points of all the systems and things and governments and everything that think they are so right, aren’t. If we all worked together (artists and scientists and governments and mathematicians etc.) and had an openness and willingness to learn and change and grow, the world would be a better place. It was refreshing to see an older white man struggle with trying to change paradigms and belief systems and question the righteousness of it all as I do all the time! Good stuff.

Looks like “Dune” is in my near future as well. So curious about this movie as I have actually watched the original. It took me three sittings and was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen (along with the original “Jacob Two Two and the Hidden Fang” which is so, so, so I can not express how f*cking weird). I’ll let you know how it goes. Very curious as I did enjoy “Arrival” and the “Blade Runner” sequel also directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Currently watching the second season of “Warrior Nun” on the ‘flix…good stuff so far.

And for those curious, I am not going to watch “The Witcher” if they go ahead with the recast. What up with those show runners? Bunch of f*ckers if you ask me…!

Whew! Big roundup today!

What is on your viewing docket? Anything tickling your fancy these days? Leave a comment! Send me a DM! Sign up for the emails!!

Super Danke to you for being here and spending some time and stepping outside the socials scene!

Danke, Gracias and Thank you!!

Lady Beastie

P.S. Yup still holds true, I appreciate your clicks WAY more than zuck do!