Welcome back. How’s the world treating you these days? Still kinda surreal. So much of everything. Sigh. yup.

Escapism in the form of viewing entertainment is a gift I am here for. Now as you may be aware, I do not own a T.V. I watch things on my computer. The only streaming service I have had is the ‘flix. Which has been the case for a while. I can watch Survivor, which I love, on globaltv.com for 6 days after it airs. I used to be able to watch ‘Island of Brian’ there too, but they have made it sign in only which I am not happy about.

However…..just recently…..my son got Disney+……!!!!!! And I can sign in and use it and everything.

Now again if you know anything about me you know that I am not a corporate fiend. I have never ordered anything off the ‘mzon and I don’t plan too. And Disney itself is pretty nast. And normally I would not get involved in such a thing. However mi hijo (learning some spanish on the duolingo, won the pearl league….nbd!) got it for himself to watch The Mandalorean. And so I dove in. Here is what I learned.

First off I really appreciate the ‘flix for all their international content. I love me some scando sci-fi.

Just for an fyi, if you are curious to watch ‘The Bubble’ on the ‘flix, I recommend you don’t. I know it looks funny. But just don’t.

I very much enjoyed ‘Only Murders in The Building’. Martin Short is blooming fabulous in it. A delight. Worth it for him alone!

I also very much enjoyed ‘Free Guy’. Romantic action comedies are probs my most favourite of all genres. The classic ‘Romancing the Stone’ I love and also I am looking forward to ‘The Lost City’ with Sandy B. If you have never seen Knight and Day with Cameron D. and Tom C. it is an underrated classic, kinda hard to find, but so darn good!

But onto the main course ‘The Mandalorean’. I do happen to be a ‘Star Wars’ fan. I do happen to have many opinions, as all Star Wars fans do about all the things. However I was excited to be able to step back into that universe and I was not disappointed. There are def jam some things about it that were, let’s say interesting, like how the Mando seems to be walking through the world for the first time, (a polite way of saying sometimes he is not the smartest!) also Gina Carano was only good when she was fighting.  Second season it was like she got so ripped she could hardly move. Which just added to her already mumbly stiff acting. I’m glad she won’t be back if and when there is a third season (apparently there is going to be).

Main thing to discuss is how darn sexy the Mando is. What with his helmet and his gentle and fatherly treatment of Grogu. Plus that voice. Major yum. Even with his not too brightness and needing to be de-cultified! Free the head!!

I was reminded about my time with The Witcher, a similar thing happened to me. Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mando, is a good looking, sexy man in his own right, but the character is far sexier. Like some how so much more so! It was like with Henry Cavill, who is a very attractive individual, but The Witcher character I found way more attractive. (Something about all that grunting!)

Anyhoooo, The Book of Boba Fett is on the docket and the new Obi Wan looks interesting as well.

Also of all the things I jumped into ‘Moon Knight’, mainly because I find Oscar Issac to be an attractive person. (There does seem to be a theme here…) Also I enjoy ancient Egypt stuff. My takeaway is that if they can get away with that voice over, then I can too in my vlogs. Also if they are uploading that with Oscars accent then Hilda the Happy Gardener can do no wrong with hers!! I’ll stick with it a bit more, new episodes are released weekly so it’s like watching old school T.V. where everything wasn’t just on demand!

Just a couple of other of shows I am checking out:

I love the movie ‘What We Do In The Shadows’, sometimes I just watch a part of it, just to laugh.  The vampire Deacon and his loose jaw give me life! That jaw is so loose, what other performance has such a loose jaw! Genius! Well the new series is on the D+ so I thought I would give it a go. I am finding it not as good as the movie (I miss Deacons loose jaw!) however it is growing on me and moving in a positive direction so I am going to keep checking it out!

Worth a mention also is ‘The Last Man on Earth’. Although I am not recommending it. I am about half way through and even though it’s kinda bad, like the characters themselves are pretty ridiculous and annoying, there is something in it’s post virus simplicity and also Will Forte that keep me watching. I think I like to do as if’s, and they have set up such good ones. I like to think about if I was in that situation what I would do. It would be nothing like what they are doing but it’s fun to think about sometimes instead of all the f8cked up global political B.S. that never seems to end.

On the ‘flix some recent watches include:

Byron Baes – So darn terrible, in a I’m still gonna watch it kinda way. Like are these people for real?! Def a guilty pleasure! oooffff

Queer Eye Germany – I just want more of the Fab 5 and so this almost fills that void. Not quite, but kinda.

The Home Edit – Should be right up my ally, but the vocal fry is so strong it is almost unwatchable!

Bridgerton – I just can’t do it. I am so repulsed by waspish colonial BS that I can’t stand all the decorum and poncy poncy yuck.

Medical Police – Yes I am mentioning this one again, because if you are looking for some easy goofy, this is here for you.

I know it seems ridiculous that I am so wahoo about some new streaming, but it was fun to enter the Star Wars world and see some new stuff out there! Even if it is on the D+, which who knows what kind of agenda that crazy weird corrupt group is up to. Orphans much.

Anyhooo, even though the world continues to be an absolute gong show (greed and ego much) I am grateful for the opportunity to escape into entertainment.

Danke for being here,


P.S. Hawt new Golden Heron out tomorrow!

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