Oh Hihi, hihi, hihi. And I thought Friday was a big drop! This one is MASSIVE!! Ready! Let’s do this! Some fun business first and then the juicy stuff!

Let me start at the beginning with gratitude, as I said the other day, I am floored, and so grateful and excited and inspired by all of you! I can not thank you enough for clicking on my site! That being said I have discovered that I have a slow server. So, the fact you have shown up despite that. You are AMAZING!! Working on that fix to speed things up for ya’ll!

If anybody was curious what my wonderful hubband has been up to, you can now check out his page! I am so darn proud of him and I would love to watch all of his scripts! If you are a movie maker or producer and any of those titles suit your fancy, you can send an email for more info!!

Lady Beastie will be doing script reads on her channel on the y-tube in the future!

Speaking of Lady Beastie, did you notice the new event in the event section of the site?! I do realize April 30th is the eve of Beltane. If you are in the area, you can come share your Beltane Eve with a Beastie!! Of course I will vlog the event for you, which you can check out on the forstmedia you-tube channel!! Liking, subscribing and commenting and of course watching are all the free easy ways you can help to support me and all the art I am excited to keep creating! Danke Mucho! Yes there will be link to follow as…..

I have released the first episode of ‘Storytime with Lady Beastie’ on the Lady Beastie channel on the y-tube. This is very different from the live show. The y-tube show will contain many different characters who are up to all sorts of things. The live show is a storytelling show with music. Those stories are unique to the live show and I won’t be doing them for y-tube (at this point!)

Now obvs this was my first crack at the show and if you know me you know I will be focused on learning and growing and making it all better! Still, I am so darn proud to actually have the first one up. It was a whole thing to get to this point! Hope you get a moment to check it out. It definitely explores the paradox between Lady and Beastie, and a popular character I had been exploring, Hilda the Happy Gardener, makes her grand debut!! Oh dear…..anyhooo….

That just made my heart race…sharing that link….omfj       (please be gentle)      bah, gablergisodjfh    (mild malfunction)  breathing

Are you ready for more?! Me neither, that was a lot! I will save my ‘juicy stuff’ entertainment roundup and the major development I eluded to for tomorrow. It’s BIG and it’s hawt!

Thank you to the new e-mail supporters! Signing up for the the weekly emails is a great reminder so you don’t have to remember to visit once and a while. The best way I can thank you is to keep on and on-ning and up and up-ing, and I plan on it. Jahoooooo!!

Gah, So mucho danke for being here,


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