We have been in Mexico for almost 3 weeks now. As long as the time we were in Puerta Vallarta back in 2018.

Only this time our trip has just begun, and is less of a trip and more of an exploratory living situation.

It is a different sort of feeling.

For one thing, we are staying in air bnb’s for a month at a time. ( air bnb I know, I know, but I do my best over here with all those things, can’t win em all, gotta pick and choose….blergy blerg) Which is great as we get a monthly discount and can stay in places with a kitchen as opposed to a hotel, which I wouldn’t want to be in for long periods of time. Also we are getting a taste of la vida de barrio, living here, not just vacationing.

When you are on vacation, cooking and having a kitchen isn’t potentially what you are looking for. You want to try out the restaurants in the area and go for dinner, etc., but actually living here, I want to be more in charge of my food.

Which has been nice and I think kept our bowels more happy than otherwise. Last time I had definitely already had quite a both ends kinda night after I believe suspect ceviche in Yelapa. I am currently staying away from fish for the moment. It really feels like a complete diet change already so I don’t need to add more stress to my sensitive system.

And hey if the 70+ year olds cruising around can do it, so can I?!

Although I do wonder about the amount of pharmaceuticals they consume that are keeping them going!?

I think the idea of wintering somewhere warm is very romanticized and in some ways it should be. It’s warm. There are palm trees and fresh fruits and veggies. The beach and swimming in the ocean as opposed to digging your car out of the snow is pretty darn great.

And I realize it is only our first time here and trying out this sort of thing, whereas some people we have met have been coming for almost a decade, and in that time you would have sorted out the neighbourhood you want to be in, probably found a nice apartment that you stay in for the whole time, that you get used to, and it can kinda feel like a second home. You get the routines figured out and know what works for you. That I can see being really quite amazing. But it doesn’t just happen overnight and would take some commitment to the cause.

For us, we are in the first time with all of it, the exploratory and letting go phase. We booked places having no idea what they were like, or even if we liked Zihuatanejo, or a full winter in Mexico!

This first place has been great so far, the location is outstanding, but I don’t think I would want to be here for 4 months. And moving every month is going to be a process of letting go because each time we move we don’t know what the new place holds in store for us. Kinda great and kinda like woah.

Do note that Mexico is not a quiet place in general. We have seen amazing places to stay that are probably real expensive but they can still have some construction and daily metal grinders going on next door. Thus prompting a certain amount of letting go and realization that no place is perfect.

I guess I am trying to say that anywhere you go or live or whatever you are doing there are going to be challenges and so that is where the daily and constant gratitudes come in. Whether you are doing something new and adventurous or just the same ole same ole.

At this point I am so grateful to not be cold. Apparently we arrived a bit before the “season” which was good because I was curious about the super heat and humidity. My curiousity was satisfied as I have never been so hot and damp and sweaty and it pushed my bounds of heat, and I like those +40 c days in the summer in Canada.

Not sure if it has become the “season” yet or if we have acclimatized, but the temperature now couldn’t feel more perfect. We even slept with the fan off last night! Grateful!

Ultimately I am so happy to be here, exploring this different way of living and culture and all the things. Just know as you check it out from afar that it still has challenges, they are just different ones and I’m going to share the real deal, not just the peaches and cream!

Also really glad we can get probiotics here…yay guts!

Danke for taking the extra clicks and stepping out of the regular socials zone to spend some time here.

Yup it is always true, I appreciate you WAY more than ole zuck do!

Lady Beastie

P.S. Hot new entertainment reviews coming up tomorrow! Watched a few great things I want to share! Not all just a travel blog over here!!