Judging by the clueless headlines in the corporate mainstream media and the diabolical socials, it seems that most Canamericans have no idea that the midterm elections in the Disunited States almost ushered in a new era of authoritarian rule that would have swamped our colonial nation’s oligarchic form of democracy. No matter how much we talk about fighting climate change, creating affordable housing & healing the toxic drug crises, etc., none of that would have mattered if the Damn Yankees had embraced all the christian nationalist election deniers in their ranks and set the forces of fascistic tyranny loose on the other two countries of North America and the rest of the baffled ‘free’ world.

Just like when the Nazis of yore hijacked the global agenda with their blitzkrieg invasions of immediate neighbours, it doesn’t really matter what we think about internal affairs great and small when a majority of male white supremacists decides to wreak havoc on their fellow humans through systemic violence, stochastic terrorism & the darker forces of human nature. Even now, we don’t know who will control the House and the Senate of Uncle Sam’s misogynistic pleasure palace, but it’s pretty clear that things could have turned out much worse for the elephant next door who dictates whatever happens to our mousy colony with a flick of its massive bulk. Self-important politicians and elitist executives in Maple Leaf Incorporated pretend that their fiefdoms are more important than anything else going on the walk moneygrubbing shame, yet it’s Krystallnacht-clear that if the good ol’ boy USA chooses to go down the apartheid trail of hate and discrimination, its overconfident weak-minded little brother will soon follow.

If you think that the supposedly progressive leftist new council in the Nelsonia Police State (again under investigation by the pigheaded Vancougar PD, this time for unnecessary brutality towards a voting citizen as endorsed by the bigoted Creep of Police) is focussed on the near loss of everything democratic which they hold dear, you would unfortunately be wrong, as Mayor Mutineer took the opportunity of their first meeting at the evangelical christian resort to expose the lack of transparency that herself and her incumbent councillors operated under while they enabled ex-Mayor Ghouliani to act like the tinpot despot that he’s always been. Patting themselves on the back with pomp and circumstance while admitting that they held way too many non-personnel discussions ‘in-camera’, out of the eyes and ears of their taxpaying bosses, Mayor B&B ignored the most pressing sociopolitical issues of the day to highlight how they will obsess over their navel-gazing budget which likely won’t address Indigenous reconciliation in any way. Despite calls from First Nations leaders to impose empathy and humility training on their municipal leaders, the WASPy overlords of the narcissistic CoN will act yet again as if they alone know how to reinvent the wheel, while ignoring the existence of the matriarchal rulers of this stolen land as they have for decades and counting.

Apparently, Mayor Kastlerock acknowledged the importance of Indigenous Veterans Day at her initial kick of the can, so that means she at least knows that the original inhabitants of this area exist, and hopefully she and her younger council can pull their heads out of their jackasses long enough to actually put some legislative weight behind their token symbolism as well. On that hypocritical note, our MIA MLA ignored the Republicanazi near-takeover of democracy down south to pay tribute to former Mayor Ghoulie in a misguided attempt to appear conciliatory and contrite. Even though she described her relationship at Shitty Hall with the Ghoulish Leprechaun back in the day as “two bighorn sheep locking horns” in battle, the Orange Kool-aid drinker of Premier Dweeby’s sycophantic cult kissed the blarney stone of Count Ghouls in order to prove her obeisance to the patriarchal racket that made her one of their oblivious scarlet women. If these are our non-conservative options when faced with the neoliberal likes of future PM Pepe Le Pue and future Premier Falconer, then what hope do we have of fending off our own versions of Governor DeSatan and Don Drumpf in Krazy Kanuckistan? Because the frucker convoy who fights freedom and the current megalomaniacal Premier of Greater Albertamerica have given us a frightening sneak-preview of how much antidemocratic villainy exists in the white-power heart of the Dark Canuck.

If you’re a non-white person north of the 49th parallel, you already have a good idea of the lengths our white-bred boomer majority will go to in order to maintain their status-quo social status above everyone else on the hierarchical pyramid of needs, so when surveys ask if we should change the name of Brutish Colonia to reflect our true Indigenous heritage, it’s no surprise that most white volk above the age of fifty-five think that we should keep King Chuck the Cuckolder’s Union Jack and our present day name which reflects Beastly BC’s colonial birthright designed to oppress anyone who’s not a member of their preferred legacy families. Luckily, young people and the Indigenous rightly believe that we deserve a new provincial name, so we’ll only have to wait a couple more decades until whipsmart Gen-Z replaces the privileged Babied Boomers and instills a sense of compassion and logic into our collective psyche that might help us fend off the anti-Indigenous right-wing totalitarian theocracy that almost took us over, right? And while we’re at it, why not change the name of frat-house Nelsonia, which is named after one of Sir John A-hole’s most despicable loyalists, or is that too much to ask?

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