In among the valid criticisms launched at the navy-boat occupying force that is regressive Nelsonia, it’s important to note that there are many spectacular folks in town who make this white male power bastion much better than it would be without their presences. However, and you knew it was coming, most of these progressive liberal citizens allow themselves and their complacent municipality to be dominated by the sadists and whack-jobs who are at the helm of most of these colonial institutions that pay no heed to the inherent matriarchal authority of this stolen land’s original inhabitants.

Case in point, Darth McClure, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in ex-Mayor Ghoulie’s Gang was negligently left in charge of our public pursestrings as the White Heritage City’s Creepy Financial Offender for far too many years with the complicit approval of the awesome voters hereabouts. After disgracing himself by slandering the mental health of a civic taxpayer on a close-captioned mic in a Shitty Council meeting published on the crude CoN’s community website, while fostering a bullying misogynistic anti-culture in the ugly White House, McClueless failed upward in typical WASP fashion to the neighbouring burg of Trailer. Now, he’s predictably being sued by the traumatized woman who used to serve in his current position as Chief Administrative Offal, as she claims in recently filed court documents that “CAO McClure was inappropriately blaming and scapegoating her and other staff; and that he had interfered with her role as the freedom of information coordinator and privacy officer; and she notes the ‘refusal of the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure a safe and healthy workplace'”.

These kind of nihilists are tolerated in essential community positions all around this self-obsessed small-town that’s overrun by a horde of scuzzy divorced dads with multiple baby-mamas who are allowed by their unfortunate enablers to sexually harass the daughters of our native villagers with impunity. Instead of protecting us from the christo-fascist authoritarians within who reign white-supreme over their cowering fiefdoms both domestic and economic, the so-called progressive leftists in Shitty Hall such as Councillors Woody and Log-Bump make a big fuss about supposedly protecting our fantastic youth from the most disenfranchised ‘vulnerably unhoused’ members of this unequal discriminatory (cult)ure. Studies like UBC’s recent homeless study found that the human beings that Wooderson and Bumpy Log are so terrified of would be spending their money on housing so that they could do their decriminalized drugs at home as opposed to the sacred playgrounds of the Queen Consort City.

Rather than boosting the ongoing Republicanazi-lite crusade of the Crypt of Commerce’s vile Wormtongue to further demonize the most persecuted members of this anti-Indigenous society, the excellent peeps in the Valley of Lost Souls should be speaking up against the sort of bigots exposed by Jiaying Zhao’s UBC study who “presume that the reason you’re homeless is because you’ve (messed) up, and therefore you cannot be trusted”. If the harmful ‘do-gooders’ voted to represent the people truly wanted to reduce the encounters drug-users have with their Eurocentric legacy-family children, these entitled fear-mongers would support the universal basic income program which is saving enlightened communities across the Disunited States as you read this, while keeping poor folks from having to live in the streets or use drugs around playful kids. According to Zhao, “the misperception that unhoused people can’t be trusted to spend money responsibly was a major driver for the lack of support for universal basic incomes or other cash assistance policies”.

Even those kowtowing to the oligarchic profiteering racket that’s killing us all such as wily Wormtongue and the Business Bozos understand that safe-use sites are needed for drug-users to survive the toxic poisoning crisis that is perpetuated by bylaws such as nervous Nellie Nelson’s recent atrocity designed to demean those who most need compassion. So if you’re one of those exceptional stars of this backwater nowheresville who aren’t a part of the billionaire-blowing problem, it’s high time you stand up and fight the everyday traitorous powers that be who are cagily keeping us down with their old-fart frat-boy nonsense.

Ending on a note of optimism in the face of such relentless bullying from the fraternity of financial warlocks that run the military-industrial complex which is fine killing everyone but the morbidly rich, Zhao’s “study speaks to both the effectiveness of direct cash assistance and the importance of messaging in combating stereotypes around homelessness. Politicians are considering a bill that would create a national framework for a guaranteed basic income. The program being discussed would cover any person over the age of 17 in Canada, including temporary workers, permanent residents and refugee claimants. ‘A lot has to go into careful messaging,’ Zhao said of any cash assistance policies. ‘That’s crucial to counteract these pre-existing perceptions and biases’” that are worshipped by the occult practitioners of immoral Nelsonia’s dark arts.