We live on a planet where a court-recognized sexual abuser and serial liar can run for President of the good ol’ boy USA and go on a previously centrist cable network to spout fascistic propaganda beloved by his christian nationalist zealots who are armed to the teeth as they cackle at his sick ‘jokes’ targeting his vindicated accuser; yet at the same cursed time, so many Canamericans still do not recognize the violent threat that this misogynistic white power-mongering cult represents in our own yet-to-be decolonized country next door.

The petty aristocratic Canucks who try be respectable white people at all costs need to realize that Don Drumpf won’t care for their so-called loyalty when the sadistic mob boss reclaims the Yankee throne and convinces the deluded followers of Pepe LePoilievre and their mouthpiece Doctor Evil Peterson to march in his Republicanazi army of bigoted dicks on this side of our increasingly ambiguous cultural border. Complacent denizens of Maple Leaf Incorporated will soon have to make a choice just like Austreich did when invaded by Nazi Germany about whether they should maintain their centrist position of embracing both sides, or acknowledge that you can’t appease a gang of mafiosos governed by the narcissist-in-chief who has a lot of WASPy friends in high places among the ivory white towers of Big Business Canamerica.

Some might say that the above position is an exaggeration, given the current ‘Mercan President and King Trudy the Second’s tenuous positions of power in the clueless halls of neoliberal democracy, but those doubters overlook the ranks of racist rednecks in the not-so Great White Man’s North who care more about maintaining a hold on their unearned imperial legacies than looking out for the folks disdained by liable sexual offender Drumpf and his godawful manservants of unholy doom and stochastic terror.

If and more likely when Pierre LePue sweeps to power on a wave of anti-vax, anti-trans & anti-Indigenous hatred among other discriminatory sins, he will be leading an authoritarian insurrection that eerily resembles the snake-oil salesmen down south who create such villainous conditions that Chauncey Devega can reasonably decry their antagonism as this “fascist fever dream” era called “the Trumpocene”, wherein Drumpf “and his MAGA movement have cursed the American people and their country by empowering even more racism, white supremacy, bigotry, hatred, death, suffering, sickness, violence, fascism, authoritarianism, conspiracism, greed, anti-intellectualism, misery, loneliness, religious fanaticism, collective unwellness and pathology and other great troubles and problems”. Along with far too many hockey-mad corporate-swilling dunces on Team Canamerica who should know better, “of course, Trump’s MAGA cultists believe such a horrible state of affairs is a type of blessing”.

The oligarchic revolution has taken hold led by a brigade of billionaire bros who have convinced most sheepish humans under their hypnotized trance to seek fame and fortune that favours their platinum-lined pockets over anyone else’s, as the obscene rich get obscenely richer and the sycophantic poor kiss more industrial asses than ever before. So watch out when the Yankee Doodle Dictator comes to town invited by the Kalgary Konservative Klub’s kingpin and you find yourself faced with an infantry of so-called nice guys from down the road who mean to do you harm. How will your passive stance of neutrality help you then? We all know how well appeasement worked against Das Hit Man.