If youʼre a non-white person who wants to advance an agenda with our peopleʼs representatives about the rampant white-power racism on display in the colonizing CoN, you now have to go through its sadistic patriarchal white mayor and his supplicant sacrificial scarlet blonde; and if you get rejected by them, your only appeal option is to kowtow to yet another entitled white naysayer in the form of the unaccountable City Mangler. Confirming that the autocratic Mauler of the City and his good olʼ boys club is now in charge of everything, Section 4.9 of narcissistic Nelsoniaʼs new discriminatory meeting diktat decrees that if you get rejected by the first two pearly white gates, “an appeal may be made to the (white) city manager in the instance where the (white) corporate officer rescheduled the delegation to a later meeting or refused the delegation entirely”. If weʼre keeping score, thatʼs one non-white applicant who has to pass through at least three white-power gatekeepers, before they can even get an audience with our drab all-white Shitty Hall council that cowers behind their hierarchical pyramid of WASPy privilege. 

While an apocalyptic pandemic ravages this establishment whiteness farce of a divided community that has been changed for the worst forever, no matter how many white folks flail about with their harmful ʻgoodʼ intentions, the Ghoulie Gang is ritualistically obsessed with the fascistic implementation of their White ʻHeritage Master Planʼ which “is expected to outline opportunities to retain and improve the cityʼs heritage assets and provides a toolbox of implementation options”. First off, ʻMasterʼ is a racist dated term in itself, wielded here to protect white heritage racism funded by imperialistic anti-Indigenous rackets, promoted by white sexists in paid power. Even the real-estate profiteering menace now calls it a ʻmainʼ bedroom instead of ʻmasterʼ, as they recognize the systemic chauvinism behind the slave-owner roots of the masterful title which the conservative CoN has chosen to falsely idolize. Are the Ghoulies trying to broadcast their likely allegiance with the Grandmaster unFreemason cult of paternalistic villains like Emperor Blaylock and Maverick Cruiseʼs occult founder of unScientology? Are the white-power abusers in the Heritage City propagandizing to future recruits that this is the way to suck if you wannabe one of their male supremacists and elitist Manmorons? 

Instead of worrying about why, “as of May 23, 75 per cent of people living in the Nelson local health area (LHA) have the second dose, the fifth lowest rate out of 31 LHAs in the Interior Health Authority — across the province, out of 85 LHAs the Nelson LHA ranked 72nd for the second dose… (and) when looking at cumulative cases from January, 2020 to April 2022, there were 2,351 cases in Nelson LHA, well ahead of the 1,645 in Trail — the site of the regional hospital — and almost triple Castlegarʼs 879 and Crestonʼs 799”, the prejudiced Cult of Nelsonia is whitewashing its inbred sycophantic racism with even more ʻWhite Heritage Klubʼ dictates to keep things just like they were back when white-power was the hidden silent majority most everyone feared to love in this hypocritical redneck frat-house. Count Ghoulieʼs personal manservant Renwick said it best when he bragged that “he liked that the document ʻOur Culture and City: City of Nelson Heritage Master Planʼ contained much of the ideal (white male supremacist) vision that has attracted (bigoted) people to the city since it first underwent a revitalization in the 1980s”. 

Whatʼs especially hilarious is how the deceptive CoN pretends to respect Indigenous values and legacies by laughably suggesting as their official Cultural Destructor did that “the plan encourages the integration of heritage houses and new construction, as well as documenting Indigenous values inherent in urban restoration”. How do you impose reconciliatory Indigenous values while renovating white heritage houses, with anti-First Nations funding ruled by overpaid white clerks, who hire a Eurocentric Vancougar design team? The delusional CoNʼs patronizing Culture Vulture unmasks their nepotistic exclusivity when she whines, “We are at a crux, we are at point in time, with the amount of money and with the amount of people coming here that, really, our (white) heritage needs to take priority, and it is about preserving (white heritage) buildings. If we lose our (white) heritage I do believe weʼve lost a huge portion of what (white settler) Nelson is”. 

To up the absurd tenor of our monarchistic political landscape, “In Her (Imperial Majestyʼs absolutist) mandate”, Brutish Coloniaʼs “Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin has chosen to focus on advancing reconciliation, supporting our democracy and championing inclusion (in her) official visit this week to the Kootenay region, including stops in Nelson at (colonially named) Selkirk College and… the Southeast Fire Centre (which ignores First Nationsʼ fire-keeping expertise) and (the Caucasian) Doukhobor Discovery Centre”, but unfortunately, the only reconciliatory truthfulness she could find in the anti-Indigenous CoN is to “meet with local dignitaries from the (Ghoulie Mob)” where she “will be escorted on a tour of downtown’s (non-Indigenous) murals, followed by a visit to Selkirkʼs Victoria Street campus to meet with (mostly white) fine arts students in studio”. How can you “advance reconciliation” without meeting with a whole lot of consenting Indigenous groups? 

A populace can be defined by who they elect to lead them, so we canʼt ignore the totalitarian role that Mayor Ghouliani himself plays in disturbing our multicultural peace with his white-bred plutocracy. For instance, is Chauncey Devega writing about Fuhrer Drumpf or Lord Leprechaun when he surmises, “(Ghoulie) can fairly be described as a political crime boss. His contempt for democracy and the rule of law is reminiscent of the legendary organized-crime chieftains found in both fiction and reality. He uses his (reign) to enrich himself, along with his family and other members of his inner circle. (Ghoulie) is deeply attracted to violence, although — like the head of a crime family — does not personally engage in it. He may be a sociopath or a psychopath, but regardless of clinical definitions is certainly antisocial and destructive… Real or aspiring strongman-type leaders, (Ghoulie) very much included, have no conception of public service that extends beyond accumulating money, power and personal glory. Politics and governance are but means to that end, and the law is not understood as a neutral levelling force that applies equally to all. Instead, it is an instrument of power, tailored to serve the personal needs of the autocratic-dictatorial leader and the most loyal and servile members of his regime”. Barak takes it further when “he explains his view that (Ghoulie) is not a hapless fool or idiot, as some have depicted him. For Barak, (Ghoulie) is a consummate con artist and perhaps a criminal mastermind who has spent decades mastering the law and learning how to escape accountability for his criminal actions and other transgressive behavior… Barak also warns that (Ghoulie) is such a skilled performer that he is likely to evade responsibility for his criminal misconduct no matter what evidence is presented… (Ghoulie)’s followers have not been duped into supporting him, but greatly enjoy his antisocial behavior and live vicariously through it. Ironically, (Ghoulie)’s positive attraction is fundamentally derived from his negativity, cruelty and deviance… (Ghoulie)’s political attraction has to do with his chauvinistic attitudes of white supremacy, cultural racism, and misogyny. In other words, (Ghoulie) has become a superb agent of obscene, transgressive enjoyment. This is true whether he’s vilifying (progressives), denigrating women or trying to humiliate a former ally. His fake populism is all about style and attitude. It has absolutely nothing to do with any belief system, set of values or ideologies. (Ghoulie) has no principles or ethics that he truly subscribes to. The only thing that matters to (Ghoulie) is the accumulation of power and glorification”. Barak nails the crook on the head, when he notes, “but given how introverted he really is, with all his insecurities, I don’t know that he would have even aspired, or had the nerve, to be a hood or a criminal. I’m not sure (Ghoulie) would have been doing street crime. I just don’t see it. I don’t think he has the nerve”. Incapable of dealing toxic drugs on his biased mean streets, Old Man Ghouls commits his crimes against humanity in Shitty Hall with the cruel complicity of his unelected bureaucrats and their armed forces. 

While weʼre here in the prison complex of Mad Dog Ghoulieʼs thin blue dreams, where his white-power gunmen kick people out of town with mental-health charges and their running gassed-up car waiting for them outside their apartment with an armed escort on hand, the cop shop for the white-power CoN receives almost half of our taxpayersʼ money. We besieged voters in the line of friendly-fire also have to deal with being harassed by the persecutory paramilitary Mounties and the unCanadian nonPacificʼs corporate army jackboots welcomed in by our ʻcityʼ overlords. What do they do with all this unearned economic weaponized power to ʻprotectʼ us? As John Stoehr illustrates, “First, they donʼt stop crime. ʻIf larger police forces make us safe, then by that logic, the U.S. would already be the safest society in the world as over $115 billion is spent on policing a year, a budget larger than any other countryʼs military budget except for China,ʼ wrote Kinjo Kiema. ʻOver 50 years of crime data shows only 2 percent of crimes end in conviction. Police donʼt stop crime that has occurred, nor do they prevent it from happening.ʼ Second, police donʼt stop violence. ʻWhen researchers account for the impacts of socio-economic and other factors, the reality that police donʼt protect us from violence — because their purpose is to use violence to maintain ʻorderʼ premised on existing relations of power — becomes more clear,ʼ according to research by activists Mariame Kaba and Andrea J. Ritchie. Third, police create violence. ʻPolice are violence workers,ʼ Kaba and Ritchie wrote. ʻTheir response to violence is more violence or the threat of violence. This means more police, police contact and police resources automatically means more violence because cops add their own violence to whatʼs already there. They are the sources of violenceʼ.” Again, Chairman Ghoulie of the conspiratorial Nelsonia Police State Board runs our guns. 

So even though the civic-friendly Daily Snooze wrongly claims that the “the cityʼs new Heritage Master Plan may be ideal on paper”, how much does such unaware ignorance perpetrate more violent abuse against those who donʼt profit from white-power? Above all, is it not entirely appropriate in a completely inappropriate way that Big Bad Ghoulie was the orchestrator of this ʻMaster of the Houseʼ travesty of a document meant only to preserve that which originally repressed the Indigenous of this militaristic stolen land? Under his overly long term at the sordid helm, weʼve gone back to the white Dark Ages. 

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