Finally, a local media column published an article that targeted the root absurdity behind the “Save Our Streets” coalition of privileged haves preaching about how hard done by they are by the people who don’t have a house to sleep in at night, or a warm place to shower, or a kitchen to cook the food they can’t afford to buy. Sara Golling of the Rossland Telegraph, in a piece syndicated by the cop-owned Nelsonia Daily Snooze, tackled the issue head-on under the subheading “Inequality?” when she emphasized how “in Canada, the richest 20% of people hold 67.8% of the ‘net worth’ — wealth, while the poorest 40% hold less than 3% of the wealth – according to a Statistics Canada report on the second quarter of 2023″.

As Golling says about our “new Gilded Age” in which CEOs make more by January 2nd than the average worker does in a year, those elitist property-owners in the WASPy middle-class such as Tonya Foody should “maybe curb those self-righteous judgey feelings about those who have… experienced have experienced the stress of losing a job… (or) the stress of losing a home because of the loss of income and resulting inability to make rent or mortgage payments… (or) have had to sleep rough or use our local food bank”. When the “Save Our Streets” spoiled brats are haranguing governments to protect them against those who have less than they do, how about they bring up the concept of Universal Basic Income, which the Canamerican Senate is discussing right now, with some pundits believing Maple Leaf Incorporated will be offering the UBI soon enough to offset the economy’s reeling financial bottom-line stagnation.

To again quote Golling, would UBI “relieve some of the stresses and desperation that fuel some of our crime, homelessness, and drug abuse? I’m in no position to assess that, but the high economic cost of these social ills should be weighed when people are concerned about the high cost of any basic income program”. If the “SOS” cult of capitalistic conservative right-wing whiners want to solve the problems they see affecting their businesses, such as boozy bullies hounding the Foody bar stuff which serves them the booze, they could listen to Golling’s advice about how “any truly effective steps our governments could take to reduce our shameful inequality of accumulated wealth, and income disparity, would probably help significantly to reduce homelessness and crime. Eliminating income tax deductions that favour only the wealthy and do not benefit low-income people at all would be a modest beginning”.

If many prescient mayors in the regressive Disunited States are implementing their own Universal Basic Income programs without needing state or federal assistance to do so, maybe ninny Nelsonia’s Mayor B&B wants to defy her own backwards-thinking instincts and put in a Universal Basic Income instead of uselessly berating the provincial politicians on a federal file when she brags that “I haven’t taken my foot off of the accelerator in terms of trying to find funding and figure out ways to get some more money” for the worthy Street Outreach program. With there being a “growing need for crisis de-escalation, a lot of overdose response, (according to) aid street outreach worker Jeremy Kelly, who has been with the program since it started (with)… the need growing and… outpacing the program’s budget”, wouldn’t it be a better idea for Mayor B&B, Mrs. Foody and the other tourism dependent toadies in town such as Wormtongue of the oligarchic Chamber of  Commercialism to focus on giving those in need more money, as opposed to slavishly licking the boots of the Republicanazis and their wannabe brownshirts who are willing to sacrifice our multiracial democracy and let millions of poor people starve so that they can support a malfunctioning top-heavy system that encourages “Canada’s 100 highest-paid CEOs (to) again break every compensation record on the books in 2022, with these 100 CEOs, who are overwhelmingly male, getting paid a whopping average of $14.9 million in 2022, (while) this amount surpasses their previously record-breaking pay of $14.3 million in 2021 and sets a new all-time high”?