This is such an informative wonderful read that I can not recommend enough. I hope you don’t skip the link, in fact I hope it gives you inspiration to share the link, and this website even, with like minded (or not) people and people who like their minds!! 

March is coming in like a lion, as it usually does here! Heavy, wet, snow.

Starting to learn how to edit video’s again, as I plan to have a couple of y-tube channels up and going soonishy! Re-learning a skill and broadcasting it as I learn, should be fun!!

One is going to be my vlog channel, as we start to venture away from our little enclave and out into something new! What will that be? You will have to stay tuned! That channel I will link below, and it has some old gems from back when y-tube and I were both young and the world was a different place….!   Feel free to subscribe!!

Mildly embarrassing but also coo.

The other will be for one of my unannounced ventures. Soon to be announced.

But first a poem:


Take it from someone 

who knows like me,

love is complicated,

kindness is key!


Danke for being here!


#forstmedia #dismantle #newventures 

P.S. The shot is the from the shoot of the short, award winning ‘The First Dance’ that will be released in April!!