Today I am going to talk about the tube. The You Tube, But just the tube as I call it. Yes I do need to rename everything so I am not putting any more power behind their name, they don’t need it.

Anyhooo,  the tube. Now you may ask yourself “but Lisel is that not also social media, that needs regulations and all the things and reasons?!” And while yes true. Mayhaps not quite as nast, naw you know what, I’m not going to justify. There is so mucho I do not participate in because of ethics and morals. I have Never ordered anything from the mazon par example and I think that is pretty grunge cool. I happen to tube. Self justification rant to and for myself over.

Anyhoo the tube, so I used to do some tubing way back when it started. Here is a link to that channel with all sorts of time vault gems. Also sweet music videos I made. Good times. Relearning how to edit and more vlog type content to come so hit the subscribe on the tube!!

But so anyhooo the tube. 

My son who is 21 loves the tube. He watches all sorts of things, often vlogs, often educational in some way. He encouraged me to find some content on the tube, he thought I’d enjoy it. So I was like yeah ok maybe.

But then what happened was I was following Greta Thunberg as one does and she was in the news about sailing across the ocean to go to a climate summit a bit of time ago. Apparently she was going to do this with some tubers. So I looked up the peoples on the tube and started following their journey with Greta. Then from curiosity, I started watching some of their older videos, and they are still some of my fave tubers that I love to watch. They are beautiful, their family is beautiful, the locations are beautiful. Calbong take me away! (changed the corporate name, see how I did that!!) 

Anyhoooo, I know you don’t want to spend all the time hunting for sweet tube content. So over the next bit of time I am happy to share some of my favourite things to partake in on the reg, on the tube.

Your welcome. Danke for stopping by! Sign up for a sweet email if you haven’t already!!

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