Oh hihi,

Was just trying to enjoy the summer sun and heat that is starting to be a thing but then the world and life pop in to remind me of some harsh realities.

I hope everybody has a bit of a pulse of how scary the U.S. supreme court is and the terrible bs they are going to start inflicting on their people.

Why is this important to us here in Canada? Well, if you are having to ask, unfortunately you haven’t been paying enough attention. I’m not going to tell you what to think or study up on but perhaps I can just add some awareness to the situation. Which currently is amazingly terrifying and horrible. I know ya’ll find your socials invaluable to your lives but also I do hope you have awareness that just because your feed doesn’t show you the hate and ignorance that is flooding those platforms and giving voice and power to all sorts of yuck, doesn’t mean it’s not there, and that your clicks don’t actually support it.

Here’s some Politics Girl for you on why it’s important we should all be political.


Holy shit. What’s next?

ooofff. fuuuugh.

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