I Think It’s O.K. If I’m Going Through Stuff Right Now

I don’t want to engage

I see so much sickness now

When I was in it

I couldn’t hear

But now re: Covid  truth has become clear


Capitalism is sick

Democracy is broke

If you want to go there then

Fuck yeah I’m woke


Feel a need to defend it all

go ahead

However do note then with me you loose cred

Perhaps I’m polarizing and how

But the time to live in apathy is not now


The world can be a much better place

What choices you choosing in this rat race

You going to buy in and keep up the pace

So you can look good on the gram
and give good face


Do I think I could do better then what’s going on?

Yes. As currently the world is run by demons spawn

Is it not?

Prove me wrong.


Ego, trauma and hate

Are keeping everything from being great

I’m so tired of the planet

Being held down by sadistic FOW’s

I adamantly refuse these unholey vows


What does this mean for the future of me?

I suppose I will have to live and see.


Danke for being here.


#adultpoertyrhymetime #forstmedia #choosingchoices

P.S. For those who may not know FOW stands for Fascistic Old White and usually men. Started as Fat Old White Men but then grew to be more encompassing. It’s a term I use often to sum up a variety of things! Feel free to incorporate FOW into your vernacular!