I woke up this morning with this SOTW song in my head and a reverence and sadness for yesterday’s red dress day swirling around me.

Well not this song, but if you scroll down on the tuber it is called Homelands. The whole album is worth a listen.

I’m learning this tech thing, getting there! Anyhoooo

I have so many feelings about all of it. Sometimes I’m going to get opinionated up on this website, and here is one of those times.

I get that what I am about to say may be controversial and is just my opinion. 

For me it is logic. Unfortunate logic.

Why do you think they have they not been able to solve all those cases of murdered and missing Indigenous women? I think it is because it is the RCMP who are culpable. Bam. Yes take it to that full conclusion. Yes, I think that. I’ve thought that for a long time. It’s either that or they are really, really bad at their jobs. Like really bad. Like bad enough at their jobs that should they even be doing their jobs? Also do note that as soon as any heat started coming their way how hushed it has all become……

Before anyone freaks out as my grandma would have if I had ever ventured to say such a thing, my Grandpa was an RCMP. Let me remind you that the RCMP was started as a racist institution. Don’t think so?! Do some research, and not just the white man who wrote history kind. Cuz those white men who wrote history were racist too.

(Reminder that these are my opinions.)

But also, in reference to these FOWs, here’s where I do my Sharon Osborne impersonation for you….(reference The View a few weeks ago). 

This song was released in 1986. Over 20 years ago. Unfortunately it couldn’t be more relevant. 

Perhaps if artists like John Mann and Gord Downie were still with us, ole King Trudy, (seeing as how he is so image-based) would actually maybe stick to his word on indigenous reconciliation (probs not though, re: white man priv.).

It is an international embarrassment that all indigenous people in Canada do not have clean drinking water. 

The scheisse is heavy. The song is beautiful. I shed some tears.  

Oof, I’m laying it all out there today… I will also venture to say that I think Spirit Of The West is B.C.’s best band. Name me a better one. 

What was the new place I went that I teased you about yesterday?! It will have to wait until tomorrow. Hope to see you then and that my ‘controversial’ post doesn’t scare you away! 

I’ve got strong opinions and they tend not to be mainstream and heck I’m going to share them sometimes.

I’ll warn you first like I did in the title.

Have a great day. Perhaps fill it with some Spirit Of The West. One day I’ll share my stories about them as well! Cuz I gots some good ones!!

Mucho danke

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