Hope every have a good long weekend before we move into this new phase of “holy shit”.

Having the long weekend gave me some time to gather up a lot to say!

First of all just cuz I need to get it off my chest. Fuck the election. Fuck all the fucking leaders, they all all terrible privileged liars full of ego and mammon worship. But mainly Fuck Trudy. I can not even look at his smarmy face anymore. He may just be the worst ever. Please for the love of everything can we renaissance all this scheisse! FFS OMFJ

Just to stay on politics for a mo…how the actual Fuck can Drumf even think he can run again?! They are just asking for a civil war and political violence. WTAF like come on FFS AHHHHHHHHHH

So glad I am done with my child in school, I feel for all the parents and students today. No wonder nobody trust the authorities, the covid with the whole delta scene is way more of a thing this year than last and they have less precautions in the schools?! Like come on WTAF yet again!! Experimental let’s see if the kids die time in the pandemic. Coo coo coo coo coo coo, yeah that feels about right.

I have always been a, let’s call it, a different thinker. I don’t see the world the same as most people. I used to struggle and try to conform more, or not open my mouth about it because I have found when you express yourself out of the norm peoples favourite way to ‘explain’ you is that you must have mental health issues. Because I don’t see things the same as most of the people it must be because of my mental health. Not because perhaps that is just who I am and also can’t we celebrate this instead of judge even though I know it may confuse or scare or worry some of you?!  My whole life has been like this. A couple years ago I went to see a life coach. (Pauline Daniel, she was fabulous, highly recommended!) She had me do things that by passed my mind wanting to figure everything out and prove it can be ‘normal’ and one of the best most important things I learned is that I do think differently from the majority of people. I don’t just think I do, I do. Doing those exercises gave me grounded proof of that. It is just what my brain does, it’s who I am and what makes me, me! As I am learning to love myself because of this, instead of hiding it or trying to please, and as I am setting boundaries to be kinder to myself and not be a push over and hide who I am,  (which I was and I do because I can be huge and when you think differently people want to label you for their own needs and I just wanted to fit in), some relationships may not like it. The ones especially that I used to conform to to make those people happy and not myself. It feels fucking liberating for me! It’s is still a practice, but one I am here for.  Perhaps because I come off pretty norm core people forget I’m not. Thank goodness. So I am celebrating my brain and how I interact with life. It is what make me an artist and I am proud of it. If it freaks you out or you think it must because I have mental health issues, well, maybe take a look inward instead of firing out.

Or perhaps it is because I was subjected to programming like this!!


Sometimes this show comes into my brain and I am like did that even happen even?! Then I look it up and remind myself it is a real thing. That was made. That parents thought kids should watch?! WTAF this is some supremely fucked up schiesse at the best of times, but that is was for kids?! Disturbing? Did you watch this? So messed up!

On the note of did you know about it…..New ABBA! Benny Andersson is the schiesse! The chorus speaks to me at this time! Real good Schiesse WTAF!!! The Tube links are having none of the sharing so you are on you own to find and listen!! Worth it!

The Golden Heron has been on a roll these days! So much juice out there right now to dish on! Keep your eye out as lately there are more then one coming out per week!

Also you may have noticed a regular commenter Jeffrey! He is my wonderful husband and the other half of Forst Media! He is working on his own creative ventures but I am so glad he comments often as it makes him an active part of this site!

That was a big day with lots to say!

Danke so mucho for being here!


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P.S. I am posting this link again because it has really sat with me. Myth of Merit much……Important read.