So people seem to not like the whole #cancelcanadaday thing. How’s about Fuck you Canada. That currently feels better to me. What even is Canada right now?!

Did you know that Madman Trudy is using taxpayers dollars to sue the speaker of the House of Commons?! Who is a liberal btw. If you aren’t sure why this is a super big deal, perhaps do some research because it is fucking deplorable and despicable. Where is the Lefty coverage on this? He is trying to become a dictator, spoilt little MF’er he is. Where are the protests and the rage?! Look into it. It’s super fucked up what he is trying to do, why he is doing it and the deafening silence around it.

Is this Canada? Should I be celebrating this?! WTactualF.

Where is the clean water for ALL Indigenous People in Canada? Cuz that is the bare minimum to start any reconciliation in my opinion. New white man suburbs get clean water to them all the time. Racism much. But noooo, just more B.S. talk over who should apologize with out any actual action. Oh and about that…..

Trudys dear ole dad, Pierre, had the opportunity to dismantle residential schools and instead chose for the government to take them over from the church. Did ya know about that? Trudy hasn’t made any mention of that now has he; his dads major culpability in the matter. Perhaps because it proves he himself grew up in a systemically racist household with a white supremacist father. His dad knew about the atrocities and chose to keep them going. We don’t hear much about that now do we.

Also I have a wee rant for some strawman arguments that I have seen being lobbed about.

For some, Canada seems to be represented by the military and all the things they have done to protect our Canadian Sovereignty. Like I can’t say ‘Fuck you Canada’ because somebody’s grandfather fought and died for this country. A gentle idea though, is that the grandfather was fighting for their colonial sovereignty over this land, were they not? They were not fighting for the rights and freedoms of the Indigenous People of the land, were they? I really don’t think so. Also military people are also still colonizers  so I think they should respect the Indigenous Peoples truth on this matter. Not doing so is steeping in your own white privilege and wilful ignorance. Is it not?

It’s hard to see what you can’t see. It’s really hard to know what you don’t know. Fair enough.

I had a great reckoning and dismantling of my own ideas about my Grandfather who was an RCMP. Yeah, acknowledging truth so there can be reconciliation is not easy. So what?! It is a privilege to be able to re-educate myself from the systemically racist colonial system I was raised in.

Also there are immigrants who are grateful to be here and want to celebrate Canada. That is all fine and dandy but again just because you are an immigrant doesn’t mean that you also get to ignore and dismiss the feelings and truth of Canadas Indigenous People. I think immigrants should show the upmost respect to the Indigenous People and respect what they need from this moment.

Canada has a lot of figuring itself out to do before I can ‘celebrate’ it.

Todays also hot takes:

Spirit of the West said it best yet again. R.I.P. John Mann, the world needs more people like you. Canada is ‘Far to Canadian’.

Also, I would really enjoy a comedy romance action movie starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves.

Also, ‘The Long Shot’ on Netflix is a super fun watch.

Also, I hope you have a great day dismantling and educating yourself on why July 1st should only celebrated for it’s being a stat holiday. Otherwise let’s rename it to Canada’s Acknowledgement of Genocide Day because really that is more fitting.

What is Canada?! ooof, let’s all keep asking ourselves and perhaps (hopefully) we can renaissance all this schiesse, cuz it needs it. Really badly needs it. Like real bad.



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