The Golden Heron is staying in the supposed Valley of the Lost Souls for now to keep an eye out for the good people in this Land of the Lakes Tribe that maybe shouldnʼt be called ʻNelsonʼ anymore. Itʼs been said that people native to this land only stayed here temporarily due to the intensity of its crystallized energy & the tumultuous rapids in the west arm of Kootenay Lake. It could be said that many people who stay here too long canʼt handle that much positive vibrations, and after awhile they allow their vulnerable souls to be forsaken to negative entities which exist in the modern materialistic realm.

Whatʼs this got to do with the name of ʻNelsonʼ? Well, even though many people think this small city in the watery mountain valleys is named after Admiral Nelson, a designated killer for the royal army in yet another war catastrophe, it is actually named after Hugh Nelson, a longtime political crony and patriarchal aficionado of John A. MacDonaldʼs exclusionary plans to supposedly better the nation by discriminatorily exploiting a bunch of non-white people whom they didnʼt value nearly as much as themselves.

In this time of tearing down statues and renaming lifelong colonial landmarks, itʼs been relayed that we must do more in terms of actionable goodness towards those who have been wronged, so a renaming of ʻNelsonʼ would have to comprise a wholesale reshaping and rebooting of this cultureʼs structure of governance and guiding mindset; along with a long-overdue recognition of who actually gets to make the land-use decisions around here, as is finally being recognized by political bodies all over the country.

If the Golden Heron needs to tell you who really gets to make the calls in their traditional territory by now, you havenʼt been paying enough attention to current reconciliatory events.
Were anyone to ask the Golden Heron what they would like to see for the future of this newly renamed paradise on earth, prioritizing the rights and needs of women, children, elders & people with less would be priority number-one in all societal based decisions; especially for those who have experienced oppression and persecution due to how they look, or where they were born, or whom they were birthed to, or whomever they wish to love, etc. This means eliminating all forms of pollution and systemic dangerous hazards in daily life which threaten to harm or imperil any of our prioritized groups in any way.

Yes, this includes strict controls on all vehicles, power-tools, industrial exhaust, unleashed pets, illegal drugs, violence (sanctioned or otherwise), weapons (registered/unregistered), hazardous chemicals, toxic masculinity, noise violations, social injustice, bigotry & oppression, hatred & intolerance, alcohol & hazing, tobacco & narcotics, sexual abuse, verbal harassment, gender discrimination, nepotistic hirings, misogynistic firings, excessive speed, non-essential air traffic, fast boats, stupid jokes (kidding), etc.

Along these lines, all methods of private motorized transport are banished to the fringes of the village limits, dogs are allowed off-leash only in designated confines, sidewalks are for pedestrians only, every publicly available asset is physically accessible to all, a fleet of authorized people-movers dependably takes folks wherever they and their stuff need to go, streets are repurposed into greenways and garden parks, train-tracks have overpasses throughout town (or are dug up), waterfront property becomes community-held, nature is treated like weʼre stewards with utmost respect for its inherent value, healing centres are built, and the militaristic occupation by this foolishly arrogant city-state — which still thinks itʼs in charge, despite all ethical & moral evidence to the contrary — ceases to exist as our dominant imperial regime, once & forevermore, a-people.

You see, ʻNelsonʼ, ʻBritish Columbiaʼ & “Canadaʼ have far less authority over these parts than many give them credit for, as deep down they know as well as anyone that the power invested in their political bodies hereabouts is as flimsy as the old-growth paper itʼs printed on; and that they are closer in force and form to a landed navy boat stuck on a patch of granite with ordinary seamen pretending to be extraordinary actors in a grand play about a colonial queen from a far-off isle whom weʼre all supposed to worship for no apparent reason in 2021. Talk about sound and fury signifying nothing.

What is ʻCanadaʼ is a question for another day, so what is ʻNelsonʼ is now a matter that should probably have us asking if we should just start all over again, considering our regionʼs spotty (at best!) history of ignoring its original inhabitants, literally & existentially. So, letʼs thank goodness, and all those souls who have survived, persevered, fallen & thrived despite all the odds & obstacles strewn in their way by outside uninvited forces.

Now, how about those L.V.R. Bombers, and who are they bombing anyway?