Happy to let you know about a NEW Golden Heron offering today! No it is not me. I am not the offering or The Golden Heron!

I checked out more of Mumilaaq Qaqqaq’s videos on the tube yesterday. Watched them through, subscribed to her channel and liked them, it is an easy way to drop some support. She doesn’t have her own website otherwise I would sign up for emails and support that way too. So easy!

Ok. I left you hanging with Martin Donovan yesterday. Not literally obvs.

Anyhoooo dreams!! Do you dream? Is your dream life active?!

I have had quite the dream life, which I will expand more on in future Dream Diaries!

This particular dream I had was interesting for a few reasons. The first being I ended up back at a place that I have had so many reoccurring dreams about. It’s an episode in itself. I hadn’t been there in a long time.

Mainly though, a young Martin Donovan who I crushed on hard during my formative years Hal Hartley movie watching times, was standing in a doorway shirtless and ready to mingle. In my dream I decided it was better to be honest and tell him I was married than accept his advances?!!! Like come on dream self?! It’s a dream! Let it go! WTF?! Missed opportunity that may never present itself again.

I told my husband Jeffrey about the dream. He agreed I could have totally accepted that Martin D. offer.

Do you get it on in your dreams?! Oh the future places to go with that topic!

Thank you for stopping by! Dream on!


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