In true WASPy colonial fashion, the consumerist CoN is perpetuating the harmfulness of its imperial train history by hosting an unironically misnamed “Back On Track” exhibition at its whitewashing museum, while hordes of rail “enthusiasts” are descending like locusts on the Heritage Master Plan City for a pro-iron horse bacchanal to rub more corrosive salt into the wounds still being suffered by the original inhabitants of this stolen land who bore the bigoted brunt of Brutish Colonia and Canamerica’s racist anti-environmental past right up into the unrepentant present.

Acknowledging the collective villainy of our misogynistic white supremacist forefathers is a classic sugarcoating move by neoliberal administrative con artists which they misuse to pretend that something substantive has changed in the modern day to reconcile or heal the genocidal impact that the current western male chauvinists in charge still have on our local Indigenous populace with their patriarchal policies and conspiratorial laws that only benefit the elitist legacy families from Europa’s dark ages. Just because the clueless Nelsonia Museum’s executive dictator understates, “There’s a less appealing side to the (railroad profiteers) story that we must never overlook”, that doesn’t mean that the unCanadian nonPacific overlords of the locomotive industrial nightmare aren’t still capitalizing off all the theft and plundering they’ve perpetrated against this ravished sacred grove which the First Peoples welcomed them into, before the heartless resource exploiters revealed their true sadistic colours.

The Christo-fascist rail tycoons of Cowtown’s Creel Corps run into the ground by their US Army executive brats are such non-team players that when a pie-in-the-sky group of well-meaning locals received funding to study the possibilities of diverse transport options through the dangerously archaic Nelsonia to Castleguard corridor, their optimistic spokesperson was told by “everyone” that they’ll never be able to convince the corporate goons of the discriminatory unCanadian nonPacific Railway — enthusiastically endorsed by Major Ghouls, Shitty Hall & the Nelsonia Police State — to cooperate at all on a electric passenger train route between the two disparate redneck yippie ‘cities’. So while the monarchist engineering geeks from afar are burning fossil fuels by driving or flying (but not riding a train!) into the Queen City’s overpriced evangelical hotels, and the two-faced Ghoulie Gang talk out of their asses at their rebranded struggling museum as if showcasing the negatives of yore somehow absolves them from their complicit guilt in the ongoing anti-Indigenous rat race, the hazardous non-passenger freight trains will be rolling through town with the explicit blessing of the industrial enablers known as politicians and clerks and no-one will bat a jaundiced eye at the implicit hypocrisy involved in critiquing the past when nothing’s improved in the prehistoric present from a First Nations’ perspective. As musical philosopher Bruce Cockburn sang, “The trouble with normal is it always gets worse.”

Other than an isolated streetcar to nowhere which is a sad remnant of the ecologically friendly method of civic transport that nearsighted Nelsonia enjoyed before it was killed by the fossilized bus barons of creepy Uncle Sam, and apart from a cynically repurposed train station in Railtown where you can’t catch a train to anywhere even though you could in the twentieth century when our grandmothers used to be able to ride safely from the metropolitan coast to the rural Land of the Lake People, the collapsed passenger rail network of the collusive CoN is one of the worst transportation regressions in the entire developed world which nobody in their right mind should ever idolize in any sane way. Only relatively rich people can afford plane tickets and private vehicles, so how can anyone in good conscience worship a corrupt transportation industry that has abandoned its bread-and-butter poorer constituents who maybe could have afforded a train ticket in the so-called ‘good old days’?

While they’re duping their ostrich taxpayers with conservative right-wing propaganda masquerading as leftist spin-control, the white male supremacists of Ghoulieville may as well celebrate what it’s like to have our summer skies choked with toxic poisonous gases for another wildfire-challenged tourist season, or lionize the lost abundance after the damned lakes devastated our healthy rivers filled with salmon and sturgeon, etc., or throw a party to commemorate the damage done by ‘civilized’ society to the almost extinct caribou that ran freely before the Man clearcut their old-growth forests, or pay tribute to the residential school and foster-care system’s horrific kidnappings of our regional Indigenous youth by King Trudy the Second’s guilty brethren and Pierre Junior’s own tragic farce of dictatorial democracy. Who benefits when Mayor Ghouliani’s clueless paternal museum further offends the glorious Autonomous Sinixt matriarchs with its nationalistic kowtowing to the Canamerican empire’s greedy colonizers past and present, other than the Ghoulish Leprechaun’s sycophantic minions and immoral vampiric sellouts?

The Eurocentric power-brokers who are ruining the soul-sucking spirit of ignorant Nelsonia’s tarnished landscape will never learn to value the natural feminine rulers of this traditional Salmon Chief territory, which means that the current horde of elitist autocrats in Shitty Hall and the Crypt of Commerce will continue to be possessed by the demonic overlords of the oligarchic takeover who only cherish something wild if it can make them cash by succumbing to their iron-fisted rule, cruelly governed by the unnatural laws of conquer and surrender according to dirty money’s relentless drive to elevate selfish desires over societal beauty while promoting violent hatred of the peaceful others above common grace. If navel-gazing Nelsonia still had a passenger train network and streetcar routes like it did way back in the ancient 20th century, perhaps the Ghoulies wouldn’t be obsessing over their latest parking debacle when they should be healing their broken relationships with the real leaders of this realm instead.

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