I am currently so deep in vacationland it is a wonder I remember how to type and use my fingers!

I am jealous of my own relaxation and just overall current life experience. I am not taking any of it for granted and soaking in all the joy and beauty I can handle.

The summer winding down isn’t stressing me out as much as it usually does as there is no way I am canadian wintering this year.

For all of you that can’t wait for snow and winter sports fun…good for you!

But the sea mist!!! Do you know about it? Have you experienced it?

I mean I have heard stories and perhaps seen it from afar, but I have never in a summer environment had the experience of the fast moving mist rushing in and changing the landscape and feel of the day.

Gosh it is so beautiful! Normally a thick cloudy fog like matter rolling in and blocking the sun would nay be a hot ticket item for me, but it was just so beautiful and interesting and unlike a fog or clouds or smoke the heat of the sun still penetrated through. One moment we had a view of the opposite harbour and the next we were enveloped with not a shoreline to be seen!

So ya know in those movies when the mist rolls into the seaside town and suddenly the world is transformed and thick and magical and for those of us who have not experienced the mist we may just think of it as a movie thing they make up for drama and convenience, but now that I have seen it and experienced it, I’m like woah.

This morning we have been watching as it roared along, almost in a line, just across from where we were sitting in beautiful blue sky sunlight. So cool.

Have you had sea mist experiences?

Danke for being here, more posts on their way, as the hectic travely part of this journey is subsiding into a beautiful country moment!

Fingering out this travel workflow situation!

Lady Beastie

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