The new earworm for the end of summer!


This song came out of a jam session I was having with my nieces who are 6 & 3 years old! They came up with some lyrics and the tempo and feel and I filled in some verses and a bridge and voila!

I am so vv excited about it as I have never really written a song like this before and I think it is pretty frickin great!

I hope you get a chance to listen, and if you like it please share with friends and family and people who like singing along to sweet summer jams!!

EEEeeeeeEEEkkkKKKK! Jahooooo! What fun!!

Danke so mucho for being here and checking it out and all the things!!

Lady Beastie

P.S. I’ll explain my lack of vlogs shortly and also

P.P.S. The book proof is on the way here…One step closer to getting to share it with you. I can’t wait. Patience is not my strong suit! I will say it is turning out better than I ever could have imagined!!