Oh are there just so many things to get into and juicy with these days.

I hope you are getting some doses of the world and its goings ons from a variety of media sources and using critical thinking and discernment about what you are reading and how it affects you!

So like my last post I am going to focus on something very relevant to me that in some ways does tie into the outside world goings ons!

The new season of Survivor has started!!

Don’t panic if you missed it, or if you are like me and don’t have a t.v.. I watch it on globaltv.com, where it is up for a week to pursue for free!

Gosh I love that show. Goodness it has been on for so long!

In some ways life is like its own game of survivor. Watching the show sure brings up a host of fabulous questions and discussions about being a person and navigating the place you are in and the people around you. Who are you choosing to make alliances with? What information do you share and what do you hold close? If you try to please everybody will you end up pleasing nobody and least of all yourself? Did you practice making fire with a flint?

Anyhooo, I think it’s great! I am happy for a little fall weekly viewing as I prepare to fly south for the winter….so grateful and jealous of my own life right now!

However things still to do, like making Grown Up Poetry Rhyme Time very available to you!

I feel vv honoured to be sharing my work and Nicola’s work and getting such wonderful feedback already!

Danke so mucho for being here!

Lady Beastie

P.S. All of your recent gushes of excitement and love about The Golden Heron,  have been passed on to them!

P.P.S. While I do appreciate some of you think that I can write nearly as well as The Golden Heron, alas they are a spicy entertainment contributor to the site! So flattered you think it is me! So honoured to have them contributing!