It’s Friday! Yay! Is Friday a thing for you?! I make it a thing and take a weekend. Provides some structure.

I have so many thoughts and things so I thought I would just jot a bunch of them. Later expansion is a possibility on all topics and things.

Oh that heat has has been so wonderful.

Garden! Joy! Let’s grow baby!

Enjoying the idea of Drumfs personal torture over his loss and the August idea. Also the whole blog thing. Quiet snicker.

I am not surprised by 215. Canada is potentially the worst. So sad. Will this be the catalyst that can finally start actual reconciliation? One can hope, but probs not with ole privy frat boy at the helm.

I wish I could just tap into my beditating brain to share all those thoughts with you.

All I can handle these days for my entertainment relaxing times is RuPaul’s Drag Race (this is an expansion topic for a later date!) and my tube oddies. Here is one of my favourites. She’s a good time. Feel kinda open sharey sharing her with you…

About sharing…Remember to share this site with someone who might think it’s fun new idea to try! Signing up for the weekly email is super great supportive times too and appreciated!

Mucho Danke for being here!

See ya next week,



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