Giving credit where credit is due, the Nelsonia Dark Star has been truthfully covering the record-breaking amount of drug overdose deaths this year in the White Heritage City, which is occurring at “a rate of toxic death that is three times the provincial average”, but where are the followup questions to the complicit councillors led by Mayor B&B on Shitty Council and the Neighbourhood Network Ninnies who banded together along with Freaking Farnie the Unsafety Minister to kibosh the proposed safe inhalation site at the Clubhouse?

Billy Madcalfe correctly asserts that “in May, a new inhalation site planned for the Interior Health-owned Nelson Friendship Outreach Clubhouse at 818 Vernon St. was delayed because of opposition from neighbouring businesses and residents who said the location was inappropriate and unsafe. Since then the City of Nelson and Interior Health have declared their intention to find an alternative site, but none has been announced so far”. However, why not ask the relevant businesses, residents & all the politicians Madcalf conspicuously lets off the hook about why we still haven’t seen their proposals for a much-needed safe inhalation site in the Kookies, let along their plans for how to implement said site without freaking out the same neighbourhood ninnies who lost their minds over the previous legitimate concept?

Where’s Councillor Log-Bump now who made a big show out of how we need to protect the interests of the secure property-owners against those of the vulnerably unhoused and\or drug-using population? Where’s Councillor Woody’s response, after he richly listened to the provincial medical expert’s plea not to implement their draconian bylaw pushing more drug users inside while increasing their chances of death and uttered the elitist words beloved by WASPy fascists worldwide, “what about us”? Why haven’t we heard from Wormtongue of the Republicanazi-loving Chamber of Predatory Commerce who bemoaned the presence of disenfranchised people in the Queen Consort City that supposedly were harming the bottom-line of his business bozo brethren?

The conservative right-wing Dark Star recently quoted the Thomson Twin as they love to do about how a safe site “location should be provided where impact on residential, business and community is avoided or limited, and where user clients can be monitored and cared for after using”, so where’s an update from Tom-Tom about why such a necessary site has not yet come on line? If Tommy Boy blames drug-users as he has for affecting his beloved biz community, why can’t we hear from him in one of his ubiquitous columns about what he and his fraternity of pro-billionaire bros have done to ensure that drug inhalers can do so safely somewhere or anywhere at all?

Why have the Neighbourhood Network Ninnies gone silent ever since their uproar last year about the Clubhouse which they’ve since successfully closed? We’ve heard all about how their privileged property-owning efforts were “compassionate” while they dragged the drug-using population through the mud, so why aren’t they now giving us the good news that their “compassion” has worked in partnership with the racist, anti-Indigenous Nelsonia Police State to find and fund a suitable site in their aristocratic opinions? It’s always amazing how much noise the christo-brownshirts can make when their point-of-view is threatened by those who have less than them, compared to how much silence prevails when the wealthy have gotten their way and nothing good’s been done to save the lives of our increasingly dying drug-user fellow citizens.

Studies have shown that “people with addiction who received a safer supply of prescribed opioids were 61 per cent less likely to die than those without access to it, according to a B.C. study published this week in the British Medical Journal”, so maybe that’s another good place to start for all those white male power advocates who pretend to care about anyone not in their middle to upper-class circles of hell-raising fury. Hopefully some of them read the wise letter by Phillip Jackson rightfully published in the Dark Star before Xmas that summarized the issue as well as anyone:

“I can’t say enough good about the Clubhouse as it used to be. It was a place where people isolated because of mental illness could come, hang out, socialize, take part in structured activities or just sit. Activities included art, gardening, cooking and summer camp, but no one was compelled to take part.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not a drop-in centre for drug-users or street people. To be a Clubhouse member, one had to be referred by a psychiatrist. There were house rules, including no drugs.

There are many people in our community with mental health issues who have no family or friends for support. The Clubhouse was their family. Now Interior Health has pulled the plug on the Clubhouse. It remains empty except for the 24-hour-a-day presence of a security guard to keep people out. I don’t know IHA’s reasons or plans but as someone who was involved for many years, I am sad to see the gap this leaves in the lives of many vulnerable residents.”