Numerous headlines and articles have recently discussed how residents of the White Heritage City are “terrified” and “frightened” of their fellow citizens. Given narcissistic Nelsonia’s reputation and self-created image as a relaxed peaceful place to live and be free, why is there this much fright and terror in a rural mountainous lakeside small-town where bombs are not falling from the sky and mass shootings do not occur on a regular basis?

First of all, who are the people garnering news coverage for their quoted fears and terror-filled lives? The main thing most of these scared folks have in common is that they are property owners or renters in secure houses with heat, electricity, running water, seemingly sufficient incomes and a roof over their heads. When one initially thinks of humans who should fear for their lives and security on a daily basis, compassionate thoughts go first and foremost towards those who don’t have homes to live in, or those who are abused in their homes, or those who are discriminated against based on their Indigenous status and/or non-WASP appearances, etc..

For instance, “vulnerably unhoused” souls in the Government Road homeless camp living in flammable tents have to endure “people driving by and throwing rocks into the camp… (along with) bear bangers launched at us, and fireworks… (and) cars full of kids throwing rocks as they drive by, yelling out the windows, (plus) diesel trucks (that) drive up the road and, when passing the camp, blow their horns and rev their engines”. That sounds like a situation that would be terrifying and frightening for most human beings, especially those without a warm dry safe bed to sleep in at night. But do we hear from these unprotected sources in the local media rags about how fearful they are? No, the privileged among us with a fixed address to go home to at night are the ones who make the news about how hard done by they are. So hard done by, in fact, that these misguided homeowners and secure renters have decided to form “neighbourhood networks” laughably founded on “compassion” in order to protect themselves from those who don’t have nearly as much societal protection or civic connections as they do.

The prime culprits of this misguided farce to serve the rich against the poor — who probably eat tons of cow flesh during Burger Month sponsored by the Dark Star, which pretends to care during a time when red meat consumption is a prime climate offender and a foolish cantina is serving a syringe burger of all things in a record-breaking year of local overdose deaths, while the safe inhalation site was nixed by Mayor B&B and the NNN ninnies (KKK was already taken?) due to their awful fearmongering — are those elitist christo-fascists who live and work within a couple of blocks of downtown. Would they care about denying drug-users an essential safe-inhalation site if they lived in the cozy confines of Uphill or Fairview? Probably not, right?

Dishonourable mention goes to reliably aristocratic Councillor Log-Bump who dared to publicly say “that the focus of IH and the city has been on the most vulnerable. But the focus should be on everyone, ‘as opposed to just those who are the most vulnerable, which I think does tend to create consequences for the rest of the community that weren’t intended'”. Why doesn’t he and the anti-Indigenous NNN ninnies realize that the less they take care of the vulnerable, the more the vulnerable might be a threat to their precious safety? Do any of these white-bred blowhards support the sorely needed guaranteed annual income concept, which would lessen the purported dangers to their puritanical cushy nest eggs, or are they too caught up in their Republicanazi-like mentalities to want to share their unearned colonial legacy family wealth with others who need it most?

Now, there is another relevant side to this dubious debacle wherein pro-Palestinian protestors are marching to Shitty Hall while ignoring the just and noble cause of the matriarch of the Autonomous Sinixt who keeps calling out nasty Nelsonia for its ongoing “genocide” of her peoples in the Queen Consort City’s own backyard. Members of the Nelsonia Jewish community spoke at a recent Shitty Council meeting to bring attention to their legitimate fears based on centuries of historical oppression around the world and not just in the Middle East about their valid concerns based on the apparently anti-Jewish elements of the Save Palestine protests in the Valley of the Lost Souls. To be extra clear, anyone with an ounce of true empathy does not want Palestinians to be harmed, abused or killed. But, why does the Nelsonia Jewish community have to avoid posting the locations and times of their peaceful events in a so-called peace-loving city?

As a Jewish speaker said to the Shitty Council that won’t go on the record to support them in their time of need, when it became clear “that it was a pro-Palestine rally… she eventually felt compelled to leave because ‘while there was no direct threat to Jewish people in town, it was implied, and that makes me feel terrified'”. An ally of hers also affirmed that, “Right now, our community is frightened. We are afraid of violence against our community. We do not feel safe gathering together in an announced venue,” because the “Jewish community in Nelson has experienced picketing and threats at its events in the past”. In classic Dark Star fashion, Billy Madcalf quotes the threatened speaker without asking any followup questions that might implicate oligarchy-loving Nelsonia any further, such as who were the threat-makers and picketers at these Jewish events? Why do we never hear about these besieged local Jewish gatherings unless the Jewish residents bring them up themselves? Has anyone of a Christian denomination ever noticed that there’s no synagogue in white Christian nationalist Nelsonia? If someone recently learned more about their own Jewish heritage, denied from them by millennia of oppression and persecution, why is it so hard for them to find any visible signs of their genetic culture in the White Heritage City full of Christian churches? Many comfy boomers and their complicit wannabes ask what’s the big deal about anti-Semitism in the modern era, so current events are hopefully reminding them why it’s a big deal, eh?