According to John Rose of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, “the public downside of civic pride is that it becomes based on a narrow vision of what makes for an ideal city, (as) there is a danger that concepts like civic pride and social harmony can be used to maximize the enjoyment of one group at the expense of another. At its worst, civic pride becomes a bully-term to silence dissent about the state of the city and its governments. As in: ‘You’re not proud of our city? Like it, or leave it!'”

There is virtually no-one in a position of power in politics, the media & among influencers, etc., who dares to criticize sycophantic Nelsonia in any way, because they know that they’ll be ostracized and/or kicked out of town with an armed police escort — if not beaten up back in the old days and dumped off at the city limits! — standing by their running car with a full tank of gas, just like happened to the troubled Kootenay Goon a few years ago soon after he stopped being a rah-rah-sis-boom-bah cheerleader for the Dark Star’s journalistic corporate agenda and risked his career, reputation & livelihood by quoting Jason Louie’s frankly accurate portrayal of the colonial CoN’s white power modus operandi and publicizing the valid claims by scorned community activists that the racist Valley of the Lost Souls is chock-full of systemic discrimination.

Just like they did with their formerly loyal reporter and other bold local artists who dare to express sociopolitical dissent via words and actions, the powers-that-be in male supremacist Nelsonia constantly play the mental health card with vindictive anger in an attempt to slander and demean the well-being of conscientious citizens who are willing to stand up as counter-culturalists against the predominant WASPy paternal brotherhood that only promotes the interests of their business cronies and the submissive scarlet women who serve them.

Along these thin blue lines of gun-toting enforcement, the Creep of Police in charge of the Nelsonia Police State recently plead his complicit case to the yes-men at Shitty Hall about why it needs a six-percent increase of its bloated budget (despite worldwide pleas to decrease pigheaded influence over public taxpayers who pay their bills) due to what he describes as a disproportionate amount of mental health calls that they have to respond to, even though keystone cops have proven that they don’t need to legally address any public concerns if they don’t want to. What does this say about the quality of life in elitist unequal Nelsonia dominated by busybody boomers with ample beer-money to spare, when its supposedly overworked pigheaded gunmen are allegedly encountering more mental health incidents than any other unjust jurisdiction in Brutish Colonia? Will the supposedly progressive leftists on shitty council gloss over these reported negative facts in search of more positive PR propaganda in the name of unearned civic pride, all while they fork over the taxpayers’ dough to their fascistic department under investigation for online racism and provincially condemned for its anti-Indigenous arrest record as they have in the past without question?

Beefy alcoholic Nelsonia’s idea of civic pride is to celebrate burgers while pretending to care about climate change, as it wastes a massive amount of the public purse on a flatulent climate team, despite its emissions being a drop in the bucket of our planet’s unregulated air pollution apocalypse. Anyone who knows anything about reducing individual impacts on our communal airsheds understands that eating less meat goes a long way towards cutting down on harmful methane production, etc., but the cow-eating CoN chooses to host a capitalistic orgy of animal consumption wherein four-thousand voters patronize thirty-four carnivorous restaurants in order to boost the fatty bottom-lines of the Crypt of Commerce’s beloved flesh-eating establishments. Imagine if four-thousand plus voters paid similar attention to the toxic drug overdoses ravaging their fellow denizens in the dirty streets around the same eateries wherein they wolf down their overfed ground-bovine and quaff cancerous libations. Our MIA MLA writes an obsequious column about what Premier Dweeby is planning to do about the overdose crises which stands in direct contrast to what her self-acclaimed head orange-koolaid drinker used to espouse, and the oligarchic Dark Star leads its coverage with a story about “Burger Month”, while ignoring their friends and families who are passed out in the cold around them on the brink of death. Dead cattle, or dead folks? You choose!

“Cash solves the lack of cash” is a saying and program espoused by independent Yankee mayors that is providing legitimate hope for financially challenged people in their regions. Even skeptical mayors are being convinced of the campaign’s success once they see and hear all the salvational stories from their constituents, but up here in the so-called Great White North, our purportedly compassionate government workers disdain and disparage the idea of a guaranteed universal income, while they seemingly prefer to watch their less-privileged neighbours slide down the slippery snake of inflationary poverty and cruelty-induced misery.

The myth of merit dictates that working hard enough seven days a week in societally-approved professions will lead you to barely being able to afford an overpriced landing pad for your democratic dreams, and in bourgeois Nelsonia it’s painfully obvious that its ignorant leaders and their tech-addled followers would rather fuel their bigoted fearmongering police state worshipers to buy more steroid-laden hamburgers than reward those who decide to take the unbeaten path which may involve speaking out against the biased system, let alone lifting the poorest among us out of the gutter who are suffering traumas and despair from living in a sick society that only cares about those who express the correct government-sanctioned form of patriarchal prostrations to the sadistic whims of the Man himself.

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