Mayor Ghoulie Dictates: If You Fall Down Anywhere in the Icily Treacherous CoN, itʼs Your Fault, Sucker! 

Instead of issuing a mea culpa for the sly CoN embarrassing itself yet again on the national stage by falling flat on its face in the Supremacist Court who unanimously rejected its flimsy vindictive case against a citizen it’s mandated to protect, Mayor Ebeneezer Ghoulie and his ghastly minions chose to use their precious pre-Yule time on our dime to lecture us about how we live in a mountainous town that gets snow in the winter. Duh, we know that, you abominable snowmen! Can we too get paid with our taxpayer dollars to tell Nelsonites that they also live beside a lake, far away from any major metropolis, in a place where no-one really passes through without a good reason to come here? 

Does Dear Leader Ghoulie even realize that the resilient voter who is justly suing him was injured while she was walking on his main street sidewalk and not driving when he defensively mansplains to the citizens heʼs mandated to protect, “When you drive around our town on the bus route, or the emergency route — the hospital or fire hall or any of our facilities — within a half of a block of most people you can get to a well plowed road”? The top cheerleader for the shady Nelsonia Police State Board lives out of town (on his luxurious waterfront lot) just like most of his supplicant council, so thereʼs a good chance that none of them walk anywhere much at all in the winter downtown or Uphill where the snow-removal “policy” has always been bad enough to infuriate most of our elder residents who have lived in other snowbound hamlets where they actually know how to protect their citizens from snowy hardship due to their caring safety-first modus operandi. 

When ice-cold Mayor Scrooge digs a deeper crevasse for himself by saying, “This is not rocket science … and there has to be an onus on the public to stay at home or take the appropriate route to get where you want to go,” is he aware that rocket scientists have been proven to be no smarter than anyone else and that the plaintiff in the national court case against his elitist court cult was merely trying to walk a few feet from her legally parked car to a snow-obstructed sidewalk? Heʼs conscious of the difference between walking and driving, right? Thatʼs great that our insane streets are plowed by paid employees for your cadre of exclusive constituent drivers, Mayor Potter, but how does this patriarchal bullshit help a poor woman who simply wants to step on her own two feet from her parked vehicle to a taxpaying business over the uncleared windrow that landed you smack-dab in the white Supremacist Court? 

Either way, we now have a corporately biased eight-page snow removal policy instead of a vacuous one-sheet non-policy that failed to hold any frozen water in court, yet according to Captain Ghoulie’s deputy corporate sergeant, itʼs all about giving “immunity” to the nihilistic CoN against its humble citizens who just want to be protected by them as mandated. “So what we are doing here with this policy is give ourselves a better shot at establishing core policy immunity in the future,” sayeth the fourth horseman of the CoNʼs apocalypse, sounding more like a drab game-player on a survival reality-TV show than a paid-off traitorous subject discriminatorily hired to protect the innocent charges under his supposed care from negligent corporate-induced harm. 

Do you feel protected when Emperor Ghoulie pulls out Heat-Dome Horgsyʼs failed play-book to lecture us about we should respond better to predictable natural events that they somehow canʼt foresee, even though we all know theyʼre coming? The New Demonic Party were unwisely celebrating their premature “Mission Accomplished” victory lap over the Covid Kaijus when over six-hundred BCers were dying of forecasted extreme heat at the time, so is it reassuring in any way when your wannabe fascist dictator/mayor spouts the same unapologetic rhetoric to make his submissive flock the scapegoats for the misled CoN’s collective political non-action? Anyone whoʼs lived in the Valley of the Lost Souls and walked anywhere in its winter knows that the defective CoN absolutely sucks at snow removal in general, just like itʼs known to be terrible at most civic-related dysfunctions due to its well-proven vampiric need to protect the Corruption of the City of Nelsonia above humanity itself. With false-flag ʻleadersʼ like these, who needs enemies? 

Not even the following official condemnatory censure from much higher authorities than their lowly municipal asses could persuade anyone in dubious charge at the ever-righteous CoN to exercise an ounce of humility or self-reflection: “Using the findings of the Supreme Court of Canada, and recommendations of the Municipal Insurance Authority, City of Nelson Public Works and Utilities drafted and city council passed an expanded policy to ensure municipal immunity in how it removes snow.” In short, the Supremacist Court and its insurance bigwigs have dictated to the gentrified CoN that their past policy was truly impotent, and the Ghouls respond by bashing and bullying their own citizenry! 

To make their selfish matters even worse, the meek but not mild City Mangler seeks to shift responsibility from the longtime employees-for-life like him (no matter how incompetent they are) to the peoplesʼ elected representatives on council, further burdening the common taxpaying citizen with additional legal liabilities while sloughing off all legislated risks for the derelict CoN in the evil spirit of “immunity” from all blame or prosecution. Because as many locals know, if you complain in any way to the untouchable CoN, they will persecute you with their sordid power before you have the chance to defend yourself from their pernicious accusations that what you did was wrong because you are not them. If you receive a paycheque from the cultish CoN you will be shielded by its mafia-like cartel, but if you pay taxes to the dispassionate CoN you will be unprotected and attacked by its paid staff and council when their systemically racist negligence rears its ugly head and damages one of our citizens without consequence of any humane kind. 

What the inept power-players in King Ghoulieʼs imperial court will refuse to admit forever is that theyʼre cheapskate skinflints who have their priorities all twisted up in worship of Manmoron, which will always lead us down the path of ruin where folks are trained and conditioned by their misguided rulers to look out for themselves and their ilk above all other compassionate considerations. When morals and ethics go out the window and all anyone wants to talk about is how do we protect ourselves better from having to accept legal liability next time, while the old boysʼ club censors any criticism of themselves at all costs, you know youʼre in an unfortunate situation where thereʼs nobody looking out for the average citizenʼs well-being; let alone those who are homeless, underpaid, underemployed, underfed or unable to afford to be a driver on Lord Ghoulieʼs privileged roads. 

If a grandma who canʼt stand the CoNʼs irresponsible snow removal lunacy tumbles on an icy sidewalk, will the con-artists at Shitty Hall blame her for daring to try to shop at the colonial thrift store on Queenyʼs main drag? Is it her fault she chose to live in a wintry country where it snows from coast-to-coast? Is gravity to be blamed for the CoNʼs unaccountable shortfalls and public-relations pratfalls? Stay tuned for the next snowfall! 

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