Monday’s all the things…

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Last nights storm in Nelson was one of the most epic I have ever seen! If a movie had shown a me an affect with a storm like that, I’d be all nah, that be cray, that is way too much lightning. However last night just proved again that the unreal can in fact be real.

Rant # 1: The G7 makes me want to barf and also torture. Not for real torture, cuz gross, but imaginary torture fo sho. Fuck those sick ignorant greedy thick FOW disgusting ego monsters. I was going to describe the torture I want to inflict and what the results would look like, but then I would probably get jail time instead of them cuz that is how the world works and all the things would be like “oh woke snowflake you can’t just torture people and not be punished” and I would be like “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THEY ARE DOING!!!”” AHHHHHHHHH Thank goodness for Greta Thunberg. Preach Girl Preach! Cuz seriously WTAF

Mini rant #2: anyhooo. We all knew the number wouldn’t just be 215. Still, STILL, too much talk and colonial BS and not enough action or clean drinking water. WTAF AHHHHHHHHHHH

Flix moment: I should like ‘Halston’ and I kinda do but not really, Ewan feels like he is acting and I’m just not sure? Are you watching?!  I enjoyed ‘Awake’ kind of also but only kind of and I doogled the ending in reassurance that it was worth watching then I did watch it. There are so many things to watch and so little things that I want to watch?! What are you watching?!

Potential conclusion for rants: Soooo vv perimenstrual (premenopausal and menstrual combined. Also why is mens in menstrual?! There is probably a good etymology reason that I don’t want to look up right now, cuz i just don’t wanna, instead I will be angered and rant at mens being in menstrual CUZ WHAT?! THEY NEED TO BE IN EVERYTHING!!??!!FFS ) at this time that the intense raging hormones are a thing that have emotions about things and while usually more tempered not currently. So that’s a thing that is happening as well.

Happy Monday eh? How are all your things?

Danke for being here and reading all of the things.


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