The Nu-Dippers used to be a left-wing political party that stood up for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised among us, but ever since Heat-Dome Horgsy lied to the public about the selfish reasons why he prematurely elected to call the last snap election against their own laws, the orange kool-aid drinkers have truly become a centre-right cult who only care about being in power at all costs.

Just today, after botching his Doukhobor apology and hurting their wronged people all over again, Premier Dweeby spouted nonsense about how he wanted to give the opposition parties a proper chance to debate new radical housing rezoning legislation, before his prime lieutenant audaciously imposed the so-called “guillotine” measure by shutting down all further “stages of consideration” a mere two hours later.

Despite the outrage from the opposition members over this unprecedented squashing of the democratic process, including Greenie Adam Olsen who complained, “At times, it feels like we should just have the Premier’s office move right on into this chamber and just make decisions… (as) we have essentially given power to a group of people, the executive, and they have full control over what we debate, when we debate it and for how long we debate it”, nobody could do anything to stop the Non-Democratic Party from imposing their fascistic will on the helpless municipalities of Brutish Colonia.

The main problem for anyone who doesn’t want to bow down to the whims of the corporate aristocracy is that the primary alternatives to the Premier Dweeb and his yes-minions are awful at best, as John the Rat Rustad and his Conservative cronies of Pepe (LePue) Poilievre are basically Canamerica’s version of Fuhrer Drumpf and the Republicanazis, while United’s Falconer is wholly in the pockets of the developers and their remorseless property profiteers, even more so than the Orange Krush gang whose upzoning scam will reward the real estate investor class more than any poor people they claim to be helping. At least with the right-wing sleazeballs, we know where they stand, instead of hiding behind politically correct talk like the Point Grey Dweeb who pretends to still be a civil rights lawyer, even though he’s willing to placate and pander to the centrist masses without a social conscience so he can get their votes and keep his unearned imperial white male power.

For those who are wondering when we’ll bring up the possibility of lefties voting for the Green Machine, one can only say that they should read up more on the right-wing socially conservative roots of the supposedly environmental club whom the Nihilist Undemocrats could care less about, because they don’t represent a threat to their electoral prospects after Heartless Horgsy ripped up their functioning GreeNDP alliance which kept the Orangemen’s anti-ecological instincts in check. When protesters rail against fracking outside the Leg’s lawn party, Dweeby and his ruling majority of house-owning richies don’t have to respond in any way because they know the Green Monster is an electoral joke who will never govern while Beastly BCers buy more SUVs than ever before while they shop on Glamazon, host anti-climate burger months & worship the temples of alcohol and toxic drugs.

For a geeky gawky guy who used to advise dissenters how to prepare their equipment for a hostile protest rally against the narcissistic police state, it’s mind-boggling how fast the Orange Ken-doll in charge has become a vote-monger who is more than willing to violate the human rights of the oppressed citizens of our stolen lands if it’ll get him another check-mark of support from the centrist right man-children whom he used to disdain and vociferously fight against. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and to that, the Prime Dweeb says hold my craft beer so that I can shut down anyone who dares to stand up against me, and if they have a civil rights lawyer, I know how easily they can be bought and turned into oligarchic sellouts to the moneymen — so all hail the great Manmoron!